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California: Cowardly “Progressives” Declare Recall Race “Unconstitutional” But Demanded The USA Scrap Its Electoral College System

Posted by mah29001 on September 13, 2021

The same asshole “Progressive” “professors” who call the Recall race in California “unconstitutional” are the same assholes who called to scrap the electoral college. Such fucking hypocrites like some stupid ass Berkeley “professors” like Erwin Chemerinsky.

You have to be joking, you can’t demand to scrap our electoral college if it’s in the Constitution, but then suggest the Recall race is “unconstitutional” even if its declared in the Californian constitution!  What a fucking criminal class the “Progressives” have become!  They are just simply criminals who put on glasses to make themselves look smart when they are the dumbest, fucking dumb shits to ever walk the planet!

None of them deserve being professors at our universities or teaching the next generation let alone being teachers!

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