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“Peace” Propaganda For Soviet Expansion

The far left, along with Faux Rightist conspiracy “New World Order” mongers agree that the USA is an “imperial”, “terrorist” state.  But much of what the open far left and Faux Rightist NWOers believe in is old school Soviet propaganda.  This page here is designed to deconstruct their lies and exposes how they were certainly mislead to believe.

Guatemala Coup, Was Jacobo Arbenz Guzman Really Not All That Innocent?

The far left, and other critics would contend the notorious coup was manufactured by the CIA that ousted a democratically elected leader Jacobo Arbenez Guzman.  What radical Guatemalan group that boosted its support for Guzman which would later involve itself in Guatemala’s civil war during the 1980’s?  That particular group is the Guatemalan Party of Labour, an open Marxist party in Gautemala.  This Communist party in particular was influencial in shaping, and radicalizing a certain Che Guevara to become an avowed Communist.

The Guatemalan Party of Labour was well connectted with the Communist International.  It supported Jacobo’s socialist administration.  even after Jacobo was ousted by the CIA, he was invited to Communist Cuba to meet a certain Fidel Castro.  Jacobo’s own political party was Leftist-Marxist orientated titled the Revolutionary Action Party.  It was no wonder why the Guatemalan Party of Labour ever bothered to endorse Jacobo.  It’s quite strange to why the far left and the Faux Rightist NWO conspiracy mongers would condemn the CIA installation of Jacobo’s successor-Elfego Heman Monzon Aguirre but never bothered to criticize Jacobo for meeting with Fidel Castro.

In other words, the far left and Faux Rightist “NWOers” are simply dishonest.  All they are saying that it’s only okay for obvious Soviet promotion of its expansion into Latin America it’s only wrong that the USA instigated coups against the Soviet-backed leaders.

Mohammed Mosaddeq, Far Left Icon For Iran Endorsed By The Iranian Tudeh Party:

The same far left, Faux Rightist “NWO” conspiracy mongers are also excusing Soviet expansion and influence in Iran with open far left icon Mohammed Mosaddeq, a leader of the Leftist-Iranian National Front.  The far left and their Faux Rightist allies paint Mosaddeq as a hero of modern Western “imperialism” that was “for” Iranian oil.  However, the Iranian Tudeh Party, an open Communist party in Iran gave much of its support for Mosaddeq.

The Iranian Tudeh Party is a spin off of the Iranian Communist Party founded under the Soviet-installed Persian Socialist Soviet Republic.  It was led by Mirza Kuchlik Khan, whom was aided by members of the newly founded Soviet Red Army.  The Iranian Tudeh Party is basically a leftover of Soviet expansion into Iran during the 1920’s.  Even Tudeh party members helped participate in the Iranian Revolution of 1979 with members of the Iranian National Front whom supported the rise of “Islamic fundelmentalism”.  The Iranian National Front went even further to endorse the newly established Iranian Revolutionary Guard which still controls Iran to this day.

Apparently it would seem the far left and Faux Rightists whom endorsed their boy Mosaddeq as a “victim” of Western “imperialism” prefer Iran to be a puppet of the Communist bloc.

Did the USA Really Ousted Patrice Lumumba Or Did Communist China Do It?

Here’s another icon favored by the far left and Faux Right-Patrice Lumumba, late Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo now the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Lumumba was openly trained in Soviet Russia.  The university responsible for training Lumumba is known as the People’s Friendship University of Russia.  It was established by the Soviet state to train future world leaders of differnet countries and the university in question still exists today.

Besides a known Communist leader of the Republic of the Congo being part of the alumni, notable terrorists such as Carlos the Jackal and Mahmoud Abbas were trained at that particular university.  Going back with Lumumba, his successor Mobutu Sese Seko was said to be installed by the CIA.  But a closer look at Mobutu’s ideology would reveal that he wasn’t any friend of the USA.  Rather he sympathized outright more with Communist China.  He even asked his own followers to adopt Maoist symbols, replacing their traditional Christian symbols.  Mobutu even led anti-Christian pogroms against his own people whom would convert themselves to Christianity, but would later be imprisoned for doing so.

Yet still, despite Mobutu being the obvious closet Maoist and Communist, a certain “right-wing” and conspiracy monger Pat Robertson befriended Mobutu.  Which Robertson even attempted to lobby the U.S. State Department to become more friendly with the dictator in question.

Even that wasn’t enough evidence exposing Mobutu to be a closet Communist, he was openly quite agitated against the Congo/Zaire’s former colonial occupiers especially with Belgium.  Mobutu would always be against any Western corporation from even trying to do business with his country.  Sounds a whole lot like what open Communist leaders would do, doesn’t it?  Makes one sound like the CIA wasn’t really behind Mobutu that much but instead Communist China may have had a helping hand with the whole entire Sino-Soviet “split”.

Suharto Bad, Sukarno Even Worse:

It seems after the death of Suharto, the far left and Faux Rightist forces of the world seem with relief that a dictator like him is dead.  That he was bad to ouster his opposition leader-Sukarno.  But would Sukarno would have been a worse tyrant than Suharto if he had gotten his way?  Sukarno during World War II became an obvious proxy for the Imperial Japanese.  The future Indonesian leader believed the Imperial Japanese would be the perfect allies to help them install an “independent” Indonesia.  He even visited Imperial Japan and received support from the Japanese Emperor himself and headed an Imperial Japanese front group known as the Badan Penyelidik Usaha Persiapan Kemerdekaan Indonesia, which would promise to give independence to the Indonesian people once the Imperial Japanese won the war in the Pacific.

How would it be appropiate that the far left and Faux Right would seem to see Sukarno as one of their one?  Knowing that Sukarno was an obvious proxy for the Axis Powers such as Imperial Japan.  After the war, Sukarno later flirted with the Indonesian Communist Party which supported him to power.  Besides being a shill for local Indonesian Reds, Sukarno was also quite being well supported by Soviet Russia and Communist China which the Indonesian leader would once again be a puppet for the enemies of the West.

Because of Sukarno’s political affiliations, he would later be ousted by Suharto and members of the Indonesian military.  Though the far left and Faux Right contend the CIA helped Suharto and his loyalists come to power, the CIA was even critical of how Suharto went after the Indonesian Communist Party members.  Now really, how is it that these “imperialists” would be so concern about human life?

Peron Family Of Argentina All That Innocent?  Or Just No Better Than Incoming Junta?

Here’s another scene the far left/Faux Rightist crowd would always be on top on.  The 1976 coup in Argentina which was a coup instigated by Argentine strong man Jorge Rafael Videla.  Ironically, Videla was quite close to the well known Peron Family, a widely Leftist and quite comparable to the model of support of Italian Fascism.  The split came between “right-wing” supporters of Peron and open left-wing supporters such as the People’s Revolutionary Army and the clandestine Montoneros movement.

Videla was responsible in ousting Isabel Martinez de Peron, the well known daughter of Juan Peron.  Isabel, like her father was an overt socialist and even Marxist.  Oddly enough, as she fled Videla’s junta, she was accused by Spanish Courts while she was Argentina’s leader of going after “subversives” and cracking down on the opposition.  She even received support from the local Marxist Argentine terrorist groups in hopes she would return from Franco-controlled Spain to install a socialist Fatherland.  But she did not, and instead remained a family friend of semi-Fascist dictator Francisco Franco whom ruled Spain.

Apparently to the far left and Faux Right, it’s one thing to criticize Videla and his junta but it seems to be quite hypocritical for Isabel to be allowed to stay under Franco-controlled Spain and live out her life there.  Her party which her father has founded-Justicialist Party is still in control of Argentina to this day.  It’s currently being led by Nestor Kirchner, whose wife is currently the President of Argentina.  Not much has changed of this kreptocratic/Fascist/socialist/Communist party hasn’t it?

The far left and Faux Right seem to be quite comfortable with Argentina being controlled by such corrupt parties like that.

Some Notes:

These coups are part of the far left and Faux Right’s favorite themes in painting the USA to be an “imperialist”, “terrorist” state.  Apparently they never bother to honestly look at Soviet involvement in either one of the cases.  All the “peace” propaganda is doing is excusing Soviet expansion.  That it’s okay for Soviet imperialism, it’s only imperialism when the West decides to go after those Soviets.

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