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Debunking The American Dream And Really Exposing The Cause Of Economic Crisis

Oh indeed, this is a new propaganda film that’s the latest craze within the Ron Paul portion of the Tea Party Movement.  Oddly enough, one would think this was Communist propaganda, as someone who belongs on the far left would rightfully believe that private industry is to be blamed for the economic mess.

But in reality, neither this film nor the far left are telling the truth, rather, the economic mess is about people living off more than they can chew in their economic conditions, such as buying a house, the main character of the film that’s coaxed into the idea that somehow the Rothschilds are involved as the main villains doesn’t seem to care that he shouldn’t have fallen for the lie of buying a home he couldn’t afford in the first place!  The film totally ignores how the U.S. government during the 90’s under Bill Clinton helped enable that scheme by forcing banks to send loans to people who could not pay back the loan!

The film is very anti-Capitalistic in nature as well, but coincidently, those who claim to be the “Good Guys” on the website are mostly from “right-wing” sources.  Precise little problem, the “right-wing” people sound more like your usual left-wing supporters of Barack Obama, whose own union supporters would likely be protesting the main characters’ homes from being foreclosed by the bank, through groups like ACORN.  Not ever mentioned, nor is it ever mentioned the AFL-CIO, which is guiding most of these unions are also involved in trying to promote the end of foreclosures, while promoting laws that would get the same people have their homes foreclosed again, because they couldn’t afford to pay for it to begin with!

Instead, the film goes depth about the Rothschilds, recycling Nazi-like propaganda charateristics from the late Eustace Mullins, neo-Nazi leader William Pierce along with also taking anti-Capiatlist tone from Karl Marx.  Nowhere in this film describes how people like the two main characters were tricked, instead used conspiracy theories to describe it as such.

The fact that Ron Paul is featured among the “Good Guys”, along with also his buddies at the Von Mises Institute who well run LewRockwell.com really shows these people have no answers, how is it plausible they can call themselves free market Capitalists, when they’re being praised by an anti-Capitalist film?  Aside from Ron Paul, Reason Magazine, a Libertarian magazine is listed, along with the Cato Institute and Judge Napolitano’s FreedomWatch.

Gee, if one were to really be as honest to blame Capitalism for the crisis, you’d have to just become a card carrying member of either the Workers’ World Party or the Communist Party USA, or some other Communist organization.  Very strange….the so-called “right-wing” who are endorsed by the film’s authors also are on mostly Russia Today, part of the Kremlin-propaganda arm.  No wonder the far left and those on the far “right” sound too much alike, they’re praised and supported by the same people who desire a revolution in the USA….

And obviously Louis Farrakhan agrees with this bigoted message too:

2 Responses to “Debunking The American Dream And Really Exposing The Cause Of Economic Crisis”

  1. mah29001 said

    Dear any imbeciles who believe the Rothchild conspiracy is true….you really need to get a damn life.

  2. mah29001 said

    Dr. Paul Bots your comments are not welcome here, if you believe that’s the case why did Dr. Paul have lunch with Ben Barnanke?


    And why did his son Rand Paul allow the Senate to confirm Janet Yellen even though he claimed he’d delay the votes to nominate her to the FED Chair?


    The Pauls are frauds, the Pauls are frauds. I find it amusing you people think the Pauls will do something to the FED if they ever take charge when they have pandered toward the FED.

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