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The Far Left’s View Of Israel And The Jews…

Posted by mah29001 on December 31, 2008

…they openly endorse, outright a second holocaust.  Never be afraid to call a spade, a spade.

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David Duke Agrees With The Far Left…

Posted by mah29001 on December 31, 2008

…that Israel’s response to save its own people from a terrorist group desiring to destroy it, right in its charter is a “massacre”.  This is how typical and vile the far left have more in common with neo-Nazis and neo-Fascists.  After all, National Socialism and Fascism both take on tendacies of socialism such as centralization of targeted industries such as banking, especially along with also promoting state run education, and also healthcare.

Something to what those on the far left wish to promote with universal healthcare.

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Indymedia.org Rooted For Hamas Founder Ahmed Yassin

Posted by mah29001 on December 31, 2008

It’s no wonder why it seems the far left seem to be on the same agenda as anti-Semites are in favoring the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.  After all, it seems that the Ford Foundation-funded Indymedia.org back when Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin was killed in an Israeli airstrike were sadden by the death of Yassin, this with even Hamas charter openly stating that Islam should obliterate Israel from existance along with also the “moderate” Fatah group even praising Yassin with the late Yasser Arafat kissing the forehead of Yassin!

Certainly here, this exposes why it seems the far left would be in bed with terrorists.  Along with why it seems how Cynthia McKinney wanted to travel to meet up with brutal Hamas terrorists.  Thankfully, the Israeli navy prevented that.

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Leftist The Nation Endorses Hamas Terrorists; Allow Richard Falk To Write Propaganda

Posted by mah29001 on December 30, 2008

It seems that the left-wing Nation has gone to endorse Hamas, which this horrible article was written by notable anti-Israel advocate Richard Falk whom is well associated with the United Nations and was recently disallowed by the Israeli government entry into Gaza.  Besides that, it also seems that Uri Avnery, a friend toward the notorious PLO terrorist outfit, is also calling upon Obama to be rabidly anti-Israel into denying the Jewish state to defend itself.

How disgraceful is it that “Progressives” are defending Hamas?  Why is there more interest to defend Hamas, and not call Hamas war criminals whom purposely hide amoung civilian populations to fire rockets, but when Israeli military uses conventional means to wipe them out, they’re the “war criminals”?  Apparently terrorism is fine with these “Progressives” so long as the destruction of the Jewish state is involved.

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Pravda Repeats Old School Soviet Propaganda; State Capitalism Is Ideology Of “Greed”

Posted by mah29001 on December 30, 2008

This isn’t such a typical surprise to find where the Pravda aligns itself with, as it seems it has openly recycled traditional Soviet anti-Capitalist propaganda in which case, the “article” here states that Capitalism openly is the ideology of “greed”:

“Capitalism, the systemization of greed, selfishness, subjugation, and exploitation camouflaged by the narcotic of consumerism, the irresistible illusion of equal opportunity for all, and its ostensible compatibility with liberal democracy, has seduced hundreds of millions of people into ignoring its contradictions, injustices, and malevolence.

Capitalism has inflicted deep wounds upon the Earth and is the persistent infection that must be eradicated to avert the sixth mass extinction, the ongoing torture and murder of billions of non-human animals, an acceleration of Climate Change, further economic collapse, mass starvation, severe shortages of potable water, perpetual resource wars, and a host of other catastrophic events.

While much of its foul stench emanates from the United States, the foul odor of capitalism has wafted its way into the nostrils of nearly every citizen on the globe. Capitalism’s cockroach-like apologists, propagandists, beneficiaries, enforcers, and power brokers scurry in and out of nearly every nook and cranny of the planet.

Global and dominant as it is, capitalism is the culmination and perpetuator of a number of vile social, economic, political, and cultural elements and dynamics, many of which began rearing their ugly heads with the advent of agriculture, domestication and civilization. Starting about 10,000 years ago, as humans became “civilized,” we alienated ourselves from nature, psychologically enabling us to exploit non-human animals and savagely abuse the Earth for our enrichment, amusement and comfort.”

Besides this “article” accusing Capitalism to be an ideology of “greed”, Pravda also recycles anti-Semitic propaganda into accusing Zionism to be right up on the lines of racism:

“Because our delusional notion of superiority is so deeply ingrained in our psyches, even many people of good conscience ignore the fact that non-human animals, who have no voice, no legal rights, and no viable means to defend themselves, are the ultimate victims of the ‘might makes right’ capitalist mentality. As the radical front line of a culture of resistance against a brutal social structure that thrives on abuse and exploitation, we need to attack the problem at its root. Leaving racism, sexism, classism and even Zionism in the dust, speciesism is the most enduring, savage, and widely accepted of the cultural ethos that enable capitalism to thrive, as it enables morally retarded wretches to pitilessly damn billions upon billions of innocent beings to a nightmare of Hobbesian proportions.”

Certainly here this is classic Soviet propaganda being recycled by the Pravda.  As no major surprise, the Pravda itself is still an organ of Russia’s major Communist party known as the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.  This language here is too oddly similar to old fashion Soviet propaganda for what it truely is indeed should rightfully be called as such.

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Workers’ World Party Defends Notorious Iraqi Shoe Thrower; Shoe Thrower Would Have Been Executed Under Saddam

Posted by mah29001 on December 30, 2008

Now isn’t this quite typical of supporters of the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, known as the Workers’ World Party are openly rooting for the Iraqi shoe thrower?  Ironically, the shoe thrower’s supporters suggest that his act was a “form” of freedom of speech.  Yet this incident here would prove that the Iraqi government would attempt to even treat cases like this more humanely than what went under Saddam.

If this idiot shoe thrower decided to do it while Saddam was still in charge, he would have been executed and the same idiots whom supported the shoe thrower against Bush would simply not care.  Rather, in a sick fashion, they would rather cheer on the execution into accusing the shoe thrower as an “American” or “Israeli” agent in a show-trial manner.  But since the shoe thrower is against Bush, it must be “okay” for them to now support this brand of freedom of speech while they wouldn’t have minded Iraq still being controlled by the totalitarian Baathist Party.

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What The Far Left Are Looking For To Exploit…

Posted by mah29001 on December 27, 2008

…and make those riots in Greece look like child’s play.  In this case, it’s the case of the far left and the case of the brutal Christmas Eve massacre implemented by lone gunman Bruce Jeffrey Pardo.  Many people would think that Mr. Pardo wouldn’t be the sort of man to be involved in a gruesome crime such as this.  But then also alluding to the events in Greece, many young people often are not ever so much engaged in political extremist activities.

The message of the Greek Communist Party and their allies within the Coalition of the Radical Left was to gain the apathy of average Greeks whom lost their jobs, and suffered during the economic crisis.  There are other similar examples of other people heading into extremist views such as in Germany.  There is a report by France 24, of members of the neo-Nazi German National Democratic Party openly using Marxist-Leftist style recruitment tactics.  Targeting Germany’s poorer areas for recruiting young people whom have suffered under the economic crisis.

The case of Mr. Pardo certainly fits the right sort of profile for radical subversives to recruit, and even support them to carry out horrible acts like this.  Mr. Pardo’s attorney and remaining family mentioned he had recently was laid off as an aerospace worker.  Worse than that, he was also facing an ongoing divorce with his wife which was one of the motives on why he thought who were his targets were members of his wife’s family.  Pardo wanted to certainly use the Christmas season in a sick manner of dressing up like Santa Claus and committing this massacre which his first victim involved the child whom opened up the door and was shot.

After Pardo finished off his targets, he then literally set the house on fire, and then headed off toward one of his relative’s homes.  Police reports have stated that Pardo wanted to leave for Canada, even had his passport and everything else ready for a new life.  Yet, Pardo soon found himself to be burnt quite badly after he set the house on fire.  His Santa Claus clothes even melted into his skin for which Pardo would know that he wouldn’t survive that long, which explains why he committed suicide.

Besides having someone this disillusioned over the loss of their job, Pardo was also said to be involved in being able to make bombs.  Even bobby-trapping his own car preventing police from gaining any other evidence.  Hmm, why on Earth would someone like Pardo wish to even be involved in these bomb-making activities here?

Mr. Pardo seems like the perfect candidate for what far left subversives are looking in disillusioned Americans whom have lost their jobs, and their families near ruin.  It is exactly the right sort of atmosphere for what far left subversive groups such as the Communist Party USA, Revolutionary Communist Party USA, New Black Panthers, a variety of neo-Nazi groups and also “Islamic” groups affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood are all looking for.  A report surfaced recently from the U.S. government, that martial law might be initiated for the economic crisis in the case of there be national riots.  Mr. Pardo’s carnage, and his motives for that particular carnage exposes what these very far left subversives are looking for.

Your resident blogger certainly speculates there are other Bruce Jeffrey Padros out there working out on their last nerve.  Perhaps they need a little egging on from these subversives in the effort to subvert the USA into a civil war state of mind.

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Would “Antiwar.com” Prefer The USA Be Under British Colonial Influence?

Posted by mah29001 on December 24, 2008

Hmm, here are a few odd quotes being pulled from “Antiwar.com” on Benjamin Franklin making comments about war:

“All wars are follies, very expensive and very mischievous ones.”

“There never was a good war or a bad peace.”

“Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

“A highwayman is as much a robber when he plunders in a gang as when single; and a nation that makes an unjust war is only a great gang.”

I guess if “Antiwar.com” had its way, we’d still be around as Americans, but more closely related to how the Australians and Canadians got their independence from the British Empire.  In other words, the Founding Fathers would have not raised a hand for war against their former British colonial masters.  America’s own Constitution itself would certainly be looking quite different if that were the reality.  So much for “peace” movement sites such as “Antiwar.com” being for the American Constitution as it is.

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Potifa Bakaaimani, Supposed Late MDC Activist Involved In Witchcraft? Targeting Mugabe’s Loyalists

Posted by mah29001 on December 23, 2008

In quite an odd event which is being reported in Zimbabwe.  It seems that the loyalists working for the paleo-Communist dictatorship of the ZANU-PF have been reported of their soldiers whom were involved in numerous abductions and murders of the Movement for Democratic Change and other dissidents.  Reports from the families of the soldiers have been reportedly the victims of witchraft.  Literally speaking in this manner.

Soldiers whom were loyal to the ZANU-PF, after the abduction of a MDC leader Potifa Bakaaimani have now been admitting to have be haunted by the very victims they have been abducting.  With quite a number of them literally gone mad into saying Bakaaimani over, and over, and over again.  Perhaps one must conclude that Bakaaimani was involved in let’s say subversive supernatural local circles?  Say witchcraft, voodoo or similar subversive movements in order to cause that even after his suppose death?

This case here is something that perhaps Mulder and Scully from the old X-Files show can take a shot at it.

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The Iraqi Shoe Thorwer And Something In Common With Pro-Confederate Senator Preston Brooks…

Posted by mah29001 on December 19, 2008

…funny thing on how apologists have been supporting the Iraqi shoe thrower.  In which case, the shoe thrower in question has been made into a “hero” in the Middle East and also by far left groups.  This incident is oddly similar on the lines on how the late pro-Confederate Senator Preston Brooks beaten anti-slavery Senator Charles Sumner.  Brooks after the beating was lauded by the South as a hero, much quite similar on the lines of the Iraqi shoe thrower in the Middle East.

Sumner was serverly beaten by Brooks in the attack for his views.  The Iraqi shoe thrower, on the other hand, presented a clear indication of a major breach of security for the safety of the President.  The question would now come what if this wasn’t a simple shoe thrower but a terrorist who wanted to implement a major terrorist attack?  Would the same idiots whom are cheering on the shoe thrower in far left groups cheer the death of the President if it were a terrorist attack instead?

The same far left have allied themselves with self-described Islamic radicals.  Describing the West quite openly as their “oppressors”.  It seems that if the far left were around during the pre-Civil War atmosphere, I’m sure they would also be quite symapthetic for the Confederacy and also allowing slavery to exist.  Like they have done to be sympathetic to terrorist states such as Iran and Syria whom are supporting insurgents in Iraq.

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