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New York State: Governor Cuomo Gets Backing From ACORN Front Working Families Party

Posted by mah29001 on June 3, 2014

Well known to tamper with votes, gee how will he be able to win his “election” with basically little opposition?

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Surprise! Pro-ACORN Affiliated NYC City Council Member Supports Gang Members Rioting!

Posted by mah29001 on March 13, 2013

Oh and not only that from this report, the NYC Council member is also affiliated with not just ACORN’s front group the Working Families Party but also is affiliated with pro-gun control legislation.

Yea feeling any safer knowing that a sitting member of the city council supports the armed street gangs and not their victims?

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Evil Empire Round Up: Scene Very Familiar…From Mao’s Communist Revolution Edition

Posted by mah29001 on September 5, 2012

It’s no wonder why Communists run in lock step sometimes with Jihadis, they want to convert you to their ideology and faith, after all both of them have been doing it since their founding.  Hating Jews and being self-hating Jews?  Who cares?  All in the name of conquest.

Here’s more on the Evil Empire Round Up:

  • It seems that even in a paleo-Communist country like Mozambique, Islamic fanatics have been organizing protests in the streets demanding for the police to arrest kidnapping suspects. One allege kingpin died under mysterious circumstances under police custody. Were they just doing it all for show?
  • The AFL-CIO head is being praised by the leaders of the Democratic Party, meanwhile Obama has zero problems allowing bailed out companies to setup shop overseas only to be able to link them to Mitt Romney is fine with him.
  • Even the Huffington Post ironically thinks Michael Moore has gone too far by accusing Clint Eastwood of “hijacking” the Republican Party, but during one Superbowl, Eastwood praised the bailout of the auto industry promoted by the Obama administration. Go figure.
  • Occupy Wall Street is promoting the Democratic Party’s talking points line on how Republicans are being “racist” for demanding voter ID, even though they are protesting the DNC and Obama, I am sure Obama’s ACORN people can sign them up anyway to vote for him…
  • Argentina slips further into a neo-Communist government by cozying up to Kremlin owned energy companies.
  • Gordon Duff who loves to pretend he’s so patriotic and “cares” about veterans still POW slaves to Communist governments, is oddly enough running to praise the paleo-Communist government of Vietnam, which formerly ruled North Vietnam stating how the North Vietnamese would have been “better allies” than their Southern counterparts.  Yep, never mind they established a dictatorship once we left….
  • Palestinian “human rights” groups are printing propaganda from well known Palestinian terrorist groups like the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine which many 9/11 “Truthers” and Jew-haters alike embrace them, ignoring their participation in the 9/11 attacks.
  • It looks like India is indeed becoming another domino that has fallen to the Communist bloc which the Indian military has signed to promote military exercises with their Red Chinese counterparts. No wonder they were too stupid to ignore that when they embraced Palestine, they ignored Kashmiri Islamic extremists were funded by the same people.

And ending the Evil Empire Round Up, General Motors moves into both China and India, while the Obama campaign ignores that our tax dollars went to them to save them from going bankrupted and he only “cares” about it to bash Mitt Romney for his own policies.

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Mitt Romney Buying Votes In Florida?

Posted by mah29001 on January 28, 2012

And I always wonder WHY Mitt Romney supporters are starting to sound more like wRONg Paul supporters in accusing anyone whom doesn’t support them is a Newt Gingrich supporter….it’s because they’re copying Obama’s ACORN like tactics.

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Media In The Tank For Mitt Romney For South Carolina?

Posted by mah29001 on January 21, 2012

No, I am not pro-Newt Gingrich because of his fiscal policies and him helping out Bill Clinton, but it’s rather quite strange the media may end up ignoring Gingrich’s possible win in South Carolina in the same manner they also ignored Rick Santorum’s win in Iowa for which I am not a fan at all either.

And now the question comes is it possible Romney could be applying the same election fraud tactics that the Obama campaign was accused of doing back in 2008 which is a more pressing matter, and wouldn’t the Obama campaign LOVE to use this as a possible October Surprise with the Romney camp in accusing them of applying the same Saul Alinsky tactic toward other Republican contenders for the White House?

It’s no different than from wRONg Paul whom has more October Surprises that the Obama campaign would love to embrace too….

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Evil Empire/Obama Nation Round Ups: Mitt Romney Is A Republican Obama Lite Candidate Edition

Posted by mah29001 on June 2, 2011

Oh indeed, Mitt Romney is making a second chance at the stakes in running for President for 2012.  Just like other old 2008 Republican washups, Mitt Romney hopes to change his image in being the “anti-Obama”, but is Romney really that anti-Obama?  Rather, Mitt Romney has a history of playing musical chairs with the Democrats such as on health care as a good example, he however only attacked Obama for backing something that failed in his state which will likely fail for the rest of the country under either Obama or Romney.  Aside from that, Mitt Romney was quite liberal on promoting taxes in Massachusetts as well.

The ironic thing about Massachusetts, is that there was another Presidential candidate who did the same dance and his name was John Kerry, we all know how that turned out to be which was another four years of Bush, is 2012 going to be a sad repeat of this but with Obama for another four more years?  Here’s more on the Evil Empire/Obama Nation Round Ups:

  • Isn’t this quite the obvious case?  The mainstream Democratic Party memo reads on the same page members of the Communist Party USA read it….even the while they ignore anyone who is to the Left of the average Republican voter who is wealthy is also redistributing the wealth toward them just like their Prophet Karl Marx.
  • It seems that the Unholy Alliance is getting a new member Turkey, as Iranian military advisers and top delegates arrive in Turkey, this comes when the Prime Minister of Turkey and his ruling party are winning on a landslide, thanks to applying cyber Sharia Law tactics in dismantling the chances of its opposition through exposing opposition politicians in sex scandals in Turkey.
  • Of course members of the Workers’ World Party would love to pretend how they’re for the rights of Native Americans, they however would turn a blind eye to Red Chinese repression of ethnic Mongolians within China quite recently.
  • The “moderate” Fatah Party keeps on admitting that it will never recognize Israel’s right to exist, all the while their supporters who support the cause of Palestine endorse conspiracy theories of blaming Israel for terrorism and for the 9/11 attacks.
  • It seems the anti-Semitic VeteransToday.com is divorcing Obama quite officially, and instead gone to embrace Ron Paul, another reason why Ron Paul doesn’t mind anti-Semites endorsing his campaign.
  • Jew-hater and Ron Paul supporter Philip Giraldi is whining about how Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the USA was a “defeat” for the USA, what’s Giraldi’s solution?  Is it going to be the Final Solution against American Jews?
  • Of course, Alex Jones and his Russia Today friends are also playing musical chairs with the rights of the American people, they’re just not going to let people force them to admit they’re flip flopping like Romeny as well.
  • Is it not a big surprise Russia seems to have trouble with Chechnya?  It’s because Russia is following this suicidal line.

And ending this Evil Empire/Obama Nation Round Up, looks like Hugo Chavez’s ACORNish-style tactics are not working and now he’s having big headaches over it, if you can’t give houses which people cannot be able to afford in Venezuela, it likely will not work here in the USA either.

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Evil Empire/Obama Nation Round Ups: Obama Is Like Jimmy Carter Over Egypt Edition

Posted by mah29001 on January 28, 2011

Oh indeed quite right, Obama and his adminsitration are not saying a word over the concerns on what’s going on in Egypt. Instead, they got good old Joe Biden to make some stupid comments like Hosni Mubarak is “no dictator” even though he really is.  Aside from that, Mubarak’s family have fled to Britain, along with the kill switch to the Internet being employed for martial law in Egypt.  And yet…Obama oddly enough wants similar powers as well.

Here’s more on the Evil Empire/Obama Nation Round Ups:

  • Just great…the First Lady is indeed adding ammo to the obvious charge that Obama wants to subvert the USA into a dictatorship. This time Michelle wants the U.S. military to be a model for fighting fat….especially if it’s for the children.
  • Looks like it was members of Hamas whom were behind Tunisian-style protests in the West Bank as they burned a picture of the “moderate” West Bank leader Mahmoud Abbas.
  • Hmm, I wonder how the Iranian leaders will explain how Somali Jihadis whom employ pirates recently attacked an Iranian oil tanker that escaped?  They will obviously try to deny Jihadi on Jihadi violence…and likely try to blame the Joos for it instead.
  • Why did it take so long for Hungary which was once a former Soviet Republic at one point to prosecute a former minister from Hungary’s open Communist era of war crimes?
  • Yuck, Communist Cuba is still showing its true colors by supporting their comrades in South Africa and El Salvador.
  • It seems that a Senior Red Chinese official and Obama seem to agree with each other…that China has wonderful human rights…NOT!
  • Great…Hugo Chavez is now becoming a fan of ACORN’s work.

And ending this Evil Empire/Obama Nation Round Ups, why is Russia indirectly trying to likely blame either Israel or NATO for the Chernobyl disaster?  Is it an obvious ruse for the Russians to keep on arming their military to the teeth?  What does Obama have to say on that with the promotion of the START Treaty?

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Evil Empire Round Up: KGB Style Misinformation Edition

Posted by mah29001 on January 25, 2011

Apparently, the psuedo-journalist known as Daniel Estulin who lied about Ron Paul getting assassinated in 2008 doesn’t just appear on Russia Today which is funded by the Russian government…Estulin also often appears on Croatian television, state-run.  Croatia is a former Yugoslav Republic, which was once part of the greater Yugoslavian nation.  Its current President Ivo Jospipovic, whom is a “former” Yugoslav Communist is a member of the Social Democratic Party of Croatia, which is affiliated with the Kremlin-controlled Socialist International.  So why is a supposed former Communist country like Croatia promoting Marxist-style misinformation about the West?

Likewise, the “former” KGB types like Vladimir Putin in charge of Russia also have a habit of letting their propaganda networks like Russia Today air people like Daniel Estulin who ironically has family history within the KGB before his relatives became Soviet dissidents.  Here is more on the Evil Empire Round Up:

  • It seems that Hezbollah is ready to take control of Lebanon, in a literal coup, Hezbollah is selecting Lebanon’s new leader, at the capitulation of the “pro-Western” leaders who use to run Lebanon.
  • I guess from being “Islamophobes” on Tunisia, for exposing Jihadi Cultists trying to take advantage of the chaos there, Time Magazine mine as well be just labeled a “McCarthyite”, “neo-Conservative” publication for exposing the Red Chinese encouraging their youths to spy on American citizens…and possibly recruit traitors among American youths…wait isn’t this the same Time Magazine that attacked Glenn Beck as a big joker for mentioning stuff like this?
  • Oh, continuing on the Red Chinese…they are also following ACORN’s examples in ensuring the U.S. government will soon have a Real Estate Czar with the housing crisis likely to have another bubble to be burst.  No wonder Obama didn’t mind an anti-American Red Chinese piantist at the White House.
  • Apparently WikiLeaks isn’t controlled by Israel at all…and Israel doesn’t control the USA either which is what is recently revealed that Israel gave concerns about the “moderate” Fatah party to the U.S. government not-so-moderate along with obvious in-fighting within Fatah where some are obviously siding and supporting Hamas more likely willing to deal with them.
  • It seems the Pakistani-sponsored Kashmir pro-Jihad propagandists are hoping that the USA will follow the same line as the Red Chinese in keeping India in check from ever trying to fight Islamic terrorism….this will eventually be at the expense of Red China’s own citizens in Xinjiang…as well.  Oh, speaking of Xinjiang, it seems that some Pakistani-sponsored propagandists are taking note of Xinjiang’s Muslim majority…if riots erupt again in that region in China…the Red Chinese state-run media will try to run with some obscure group instead of pointing fingers at Pakistan, Turkey or even Iran and Saudi Arabia…well…it’s because the Red Chinese like their American counterparts rely on their oil.

And ending this Evil Empire Round Up, it seems that Ron Paul is indeed promoting an alliance with Ralph Nader…is it not a peacnik’s wet dream come true?  What next?  Ron Paul’s running mate if he likely becomes an Independent for 2012 be Dennis Kucinich?

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Why Is The Working Families Party Is Being Praised By A Communist Front Group?

Posted by mah29001 on September 28, 2010

Oh indeed…the Working Families Party which is well known to be affiliated with the far left labor movements including the defunct ACORN group is indeed running candidates in a number of states trying to depict these candidates to be a third party. Even though ACORN and the other far left labor groups have well known to fund the Democratic Party and its leadership. Oh…aside from that the Coalition for Free and Open Elections well known to have “non”-Leftist parties like the Libertarian and Constitutional Parties as members is also supporting the Working Families Party’s cause too.

It should note that Ramsey Clark, a leading American Communist endorsed the Coalition for Free and Open Elections, along with late Communist Party USA member Si Gerson, who headed the organization when he was alive.  Why are the Democrats spending like crazy when they have their big labor lobbiests like those in the Working Families Party telling them to do so?

It seems quite the obvious…the American Reds want to take over…and they got a new political system prepared just right for the American voter…

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Russia Today Now Promotes ACORN’s Little Conspiracy Theory…

Posted by mah29001 on June 15, 2010

…yes the Russian government run Russia Today has joined ACORN and the Democratic Party’s crusade against the so-called Vast Right-wing Conspiracy against them…at least with ACORN and others on the overt Left…they don’t lie like “Truthers” whom are also guests on Russia Today that they are shills the government always being the solution.

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