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Operation Save America, Army of God And The Westboro Baptist Church Helping The Left’s Cause For Gun Control And Abortion

Posted by mah29001 on May 31, 2009

Now I’m not a big entire ideologue over the entire abortion debate.  Yet it seems here, those whom claim to be “right-wing” are borrowing a page from the hand book of Terrorism 101 against their opponents.  Most recent case of anti-abortion violence includes the murder of Dr. George Tiller, whom was an arch abortion doctor provider which many pro-life Conservatives outright complained about.  Problem with Tiller is that the state was funding his abortion operations, which may have been the excuse for his murder.

The forces against Tiller were the “right-wing” group known as Operation Save America, being led by Randall Terry whom has been encouraging Conservatives whom are pro-life to adopt Leftist tactics when it comes to protesting abortion clinics, and also copying the many tactics that the eco-Left uses to prevent the growth of business by chaining themselves to trees or even being engaged in “animal liberation” causes.  Terry also ran an unsuccessful campaign as a Republican.

It would likely seem possible that the suspect behind Tiller’s murder would be an obvious sympathizer of the Army of God known to support anti-abortion extremists.  It’s being led by “Conservative” Christian preachers such as Michael Bray and also Donald Spitz.  They are well known to have harbored domestic terrorists such as Clayton Waagner and also Eric Rudolph.  Other members include Troy Newman whom is engaged Operation Rescue.  After Tiller’s murder, Newman attempted to change the group’s image into stating that it was against violence.  Even though Newman himself is well associated with the Army of God.  Of course, as it turns out in an update, the killer of Tiller is a member of the Army of God.  Her name is Shelley Shannon whom was responsible for assaulting Tiller in the past [Note the person responsible for murdering Tiller, his name has not been released so far but it’s suspected he’s an Army of God sympathizer like Shannon was.].  Rather in such cases like this, anti-abortion extremists are sounding more like eco-terrorists whom are willing to copy their tactics where someone would eventually be murdered by their terrorist acts like this.  Before assaulting Tiller, for the Army of God, Shannon wrote letters in support of fellow abortion doctor killer Michael F. Griffin, and also she had been supporting another abortion doctor killer Paul Jennings Hill.

The Army of God still has other supporters besides obvious abortion doctor killers such as a certain Neal Horsley whom is the founder of the Georgia state-based group known as the Creator’s Rights Party where he attempted to run for governor of Georgia.  Even calling for seccession of Georgia, and also endorsing nuclear terrorism as the possible motive to initiate a civil war in the USA.  Horsley also maintained a site which displayed the addresses of abortion doctors and their families and encouraged those whom were “pro-life” to harass them until they stopped performing abortions.  Sounds familiar to what members of the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front have been doing to researchers at UCLA, doesn’t it?  Aside from that, Horsley also pretends to be some sort of a Republican on top of it.

The Army of God has also received moral support from the Westboro Baptist Church which also praised the murder of George Tiller.  This typical “church” is widely known to support Communist Cuba and also late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein for their execution of their homosexuals.  It would be no major surprise the Army of God which copies many extreme Leftist tactics would receive praise from their fellow travelers within the Westboro Baptist Church.  The latest murder of George Tiller would certainly also bring the far left to bring about gun control, and their social promotion of abortion.  It’s people like those in the Army of God whom have ruined the chances of social Conservatives in the USA..

But don’t expect the far left to be fair on the murder of George Tiller.  Speaking of the far left, the Leftist Daily Kos is already on the case. Demonizing Conservatives whom are “responsible” for leading to his murder.  Even those whom committed the murder had to copy obvious far left tactics in order to do so.  Aside from that, the Daily Kos has also praised Tiller as a “martyr”.  “Great job” to those so-called pro-life crusaders in the Army of God.  You folks are certainly a tool for the far left to use against Conservatives whom don’t support your cause.

In addition to the Daily Kos blaming Conservatives for George Tiller’s murder, typical anti-American shill Chris Floyd is also in on it, blaming a certain Bill O’Reilly for “encouraging” the murder of Dr. Tiller.  Isn’t that libel by chance?  But when you’re an anti-American “journalist” like Floyd, who cares about the truth?

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Cindy Sheehan Plans On Writing An Anti-American Book, And Oh Supporting PLO Terrorist Goals Too

Posted by mah29001 on May 31, 2009

It seems that Cindy Sheehan is still quite well at it. From being a supporter of PLO terrorism, she has also prepared to write a book titled Myth America: The 10 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution, which is your usual piece of anti-American propaganda where Sheehan attacks anyone whom believes the USA is a great nation.

Among some of the “myths” Sheehan has listed include how 19 hijackers were not responsible for 9/11.  Rather, now Sheehan has moved onto becoming a 9/11 “Truther”.  Along with also stating the obvious of her anti-American views in her little book.  So typical of someone like her to use her son’s death to promote her own political views.  In fact, it’s more sickening than this.  Sheehan embraces the very PLO terrorist group likely responsible for her son’s death in Iraq when she praises their cause.  The PLO terrorist group helped the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein create the Iraqi terror insurgent network and disgused the insurgent groups to be overtly “Islamist” even though “former” Iraqi Baathists with the aid of their Syrian and Iranian counterparts are supporting the terrorist insurgency network.

It’s quite sickening to see the far left justify the murder of an American soldier like Casey Sheehan, but convinently go up to bat and parade his mother as one of their own.  Quite sickening and treasonous.

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Left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center Starts Paying Close Attention To Left-wing “Anarchists” Sort Of

Posted by mah29001 on May 31, 2009

It seems that the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center is paying close attention to an “anarchist” group known as the Bay Area National Anarchists, whom are a rabidly anti-Semitic, Leftist group whom are now preaching this concept of “national anarchism”.  Yet while the SPLC attempts to deconstruct that, they are still engaged in their own Leftist brand of playing the race card, trying to redefine the Conservative movement, as a “racist”, “pro”-white movement.  Yet the same SPLC which has also lumped Conservatives with neo-Nazis can’t seem to take into the account that rabid far left Indymedia.org seems to agree with your average neo-Nazi.

Along with also white supremacists such as David Duke, the Aryan Nations, the Canadian-based Aryan Guard all supporting rabid Leftist/anti-Israel cause.  The Canadian-based Aryan Guard was up in center in Canada, showing up at an anti-Israel protest declaring that Israel’s a “terrorist” state, while the Leftists and members of the Muslim Students Association and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups attempted to deny that neo-Nazis agreed with their positions.  So how could the Conservative movement for that matter be well aligned with the neo-National Socialist movement?  Even when neo-Nazis would outright agree with rabid Leftist and Marxist shills on certain issues?

Some “Conservatives” which the SPLC loves to point out to be “Conservative” such as Pat Buchanan also agrees with the anti-Israel far left too.  So how is it that Conservatives are anti-Israel, and are proponents of ethnic centric views to be pro-white?  Didn’t someone like Woodrow Wilson, whom was considered to be a “Progressive” President whom promoted the Birth of a Nation, a rabidly racist piece of pro-KKK propaganda?  Last time I checked, no real Conservative embraced this ethno-centric concept.

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Are Left-wing “Anarchists” Supporting Possible Attempted Terrorism Incident In Chile?

Posted by mah29001 on May 31, 2009

Despite Chile being controlled by the Chilean Socialist Party, which has historical connections with the KGB/FSB and also the Chilean Communist Party.  That has not stopped left-wing “anarchists” from exporting terrorism into Chile.  The “martyr” which these left-wing “anarchists” are celebrating is known as Mauricio Morales Duarte, whom was widely speculated in being involved with a left-wing “anarchist” cell working on attempting to create a terrorist incident in Chile.

It’s not known who Duarte was targeting in Chile, yet this left-wing “anarchist” deserves an F, for failing his class of Terrorism 101.  Sounds a whole lot like how those self-describe Islamists blow up their own people by accident, instead of targeting innocent people.  Duarte would no doubt not only have done damage to whatever his target would be, but would have also likely hurt or even kill people in the process.  This is a martyr that should be celebrated?

A little update, it’s said that Duarte and his fellow left-wing “anarchists” in the Chilean capital may have implemented a series of bombings in the Chilean capital.  Yet it seems their boy Duarte failed to carry out another attack.

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Communist Front Groups Protest Obama’s Presence In Berverly Hills, California

Posted by mah29001 on May 31, 2009

It would seem in spite of these overt Communist front groups being affiliated with the Communist Party USA in such “anti-war” coalitions such as the United for Peace and Justice coalition, these front groups obviously don’t care who seems to be in office.  Among the groups involved include the pro-Communist Code Pink, the Communist-front group World Can’t Wait being led by members of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA and also the Leftist Vets for Peace which is linked with the Vietnam Veterans Against the War and also Iraq Veterans Against the War.

It would seem that if the notorious Taliban terrorist movement is successful in Pakistan and in Afghanistan too, they’d know they have these folks to thank to aid in the demoralization of the American people.  It was easier for these far left/Communist front groups to demoralize American opinion on Iraq because a certain George W. Bush was in office.  Now that he’s out, and the “Messiah” known as Barack Obama is in.  The same MSM which promoted these same far left/Communist front groups under Bush are not doing enough under Obama.  Why is that?

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Noam Chomsky Has It Both Ways With Iran

Posted by mah29001 on May 30, 2009

How the hell can someone like Noam Chomsky have it both ways with Iran?  It seems that Chomsky is rather pretending to criticize Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s anti-Israel foreign policy.  Even though back in 2006, the same Chomsky visited and gave support to the Hezbollah terroirst group which is received support from Iran!

What a loaded hypocrite Chomsky really is.  Chomsky has no interest in seeing the Iranian people being free.  Rather, Chomsky would rather have it both ways in a Golitsynian connotation, CHomsky is supporting the “moderate” Iranians in the election race.  Yet even they contend they’d continue Iran’s nuclear program just without the Jew-bashing commentary coming from open hardliners like Ahmadinejad.

Sounds sinister doesn’t it seem like so?

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Hell Just Keeps On Freezing Over…Daily Kos Shills For GWB On Not Being A Dictator…

Posted by mah29001 on May 30, 2009

…it seems here from the Daily Kos loving the former President over his pro-Open Border policies.  It seems they also stated that he stopped a “coming” dictatorship which includes a certain Rush Limbaugh and other right-wing Republican leaders “leading” the path toward dictatorship.  But at the same time, the same Kosers make the Daily Kos sound just like Obama’s Pravda when they shill for Obama as having a “good foreign policy”.

Which includes cozying up to real dictatorwannabes such as Hugo Chavez whom is subverting Latin American countries into dictatorships just like his own.  Not only that, but Obama is also scheduled to speak at the Al-Azhar Mosque, being well closely linked with the Al-Azhar University known for training various terrorist leaders.  Strange it seems that after when Bush left office, the Daily Kos came to rush to defend all of his policies that were obviously left-wing.  From being pro-Open Border to now stating he’s gone against the average Conservative mainstream leadership whom are a bunch of “fascists”.  But when it comes to being the obvious shills for the state, they obviously don’t mind using the Daily Kos as Obama’s Pravda.  That’s for sure.

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Rabid Anti-Semitic Propaganda Found Again On Indymedia.org’s New Zealand Chapter

Posted by mah29001 on May 30, 2009

It seems that a certain far left Indymedia.org is once again promoting rabidly anti-Semitic propaganda.  With New Zealand’s local Communist party known as the New Zealand Workers’ Party have endorsed the genocidal cause of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), with open Marxist PLO factions such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Also note, the rabid anti-Semitic responses on that particular thread of the shills supporting the violent PFLP terrorists, whom widely ignore the PFLP’s support for Hamas terrorists as well.  So typical of Communists to be Communists, isn’t that right?

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Phony Non-Partisan Anti-Bobby Jindal Group Surfaces On FaceBook

Posted by mah29001 on May 30, 2009

Seems like the far left don’t want a certain Bobby Jindal to run for office either in 2012 or 2016.  It would seem that an anti-Bobby Jindal group has already surfaced on FaceBook.  It’s titled the Anti-Bobby Jindal.  It has a deceptive message of it trying to disguise itself of being non-partisan with the opening message:

“This group is against Governor Bobby Jindal holding a public office of any kind whatsoever. It welcomes anyone across the political spectrum ( Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents) to join, speak out, network, communicate and otherwise figure out the best way to accomplish this goal.

There is speculation Governor Jindal may run for President in 2012 or 2016, and this group will oppose him if he decides to move in such a direction. This group maintains that he is a demagogue. George Washington warned us to guard ourselves against the impostures of pretended patriotism.

Bobby Jindal is a dangerous American figure in that he does not support the Constitution and is a theocratic in nature as he strongly support teaching creationism in the science classroom. His theocratic agenda is treasonous, not conservative or any in way likened to that of a classic liberal. Again his character is that of a demagogue. It is also well known that he holds a bigoted stance against homosexuals.

So it’s understood:

Jindal voted yes on making the unconstitutional PATRIOT Act permanent.

Jindal voted in favor of the 2006 Military Commissions Act, supported a constitutional amendment banning flag burning.

Jindal voted for the Real ID Act of 2005.

Jindal Supports creationism taught in schools as science (not theology) which violates the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution. He signed a bill into law as Governor of Louisiana which was lobbied by the out of state theocracy supporting anti-science group “Discovery Institute”

Main Entry: Dem·a·gogue
Function: noun
1 : a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power

This group is to be vehicle for those who oppose any candidacy of Bobby Jindal, so please join, & speak out!


But from what the opening statement of this group tries to paint itself as non-partisan, already there is a topic on the group itself stating that Republicans in general are more “idiotic” and “dangerous” to the USA than ever before.  The hapless likely Leftist shill known as Alejandro Armando Otero Caicedo openly referred the Ronald Reagan Administration to be on the lines of Adolf Hitler, and the Republican Party platform on the line of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.  This FaceBook group is trying to fool people that it’s non-partisan in trying to get people to go against Bobby Jindal?  Sounds like a far left false flag group (stealing term from 9/11 “Truthers”), to get voters to not likely vote for a particular candidate for the 2012 race.

Well, this anti-Bobby Jindal, phony non-partisan group doesn’t fool me.

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PLO Operative Behind Pam Am Flight 830 Bombing In Lebanon, Helped Iraq Established Terrorist Insurgent Network

Posted by mah29001 on May 30, 2009

Isn’t this coincidental?  It seems that PLO operative Abu Ibrahim whom is now in his early 70’s whom was suspected back in the 1980’s of being behind the Pam Am Flight 830 bombing with the aid of Libya and possibly Iran too is currently in Lebanon.  Prior to traveling to Lebanon, Ibrahim was well established with “former” Iraqi Baathists and the Iraqi intelligence community.  He helped the PLO’s late ally-Saddam Hussein establish the terrorist network insurgency.

It’s quite doubtful that Lebanon will hand over Ibrahim anytime soon.  He may find new friends in the terrorist group Hezbollah, also trained by fellow PLO terrorists in its Force 17 special forces.

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