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Israel Was NOT Behind The 9/11 Attacks…

Now who would be as nutty to believe that?  You’re run of the mill anti-Semites and other anti-Israel advocates.  But let’s see and expose who was really spreading that hatemongering rumor.

Turns out from the website of Snopes.com, it was revealed to be pushed by the Pravda, organ for the Russian Federation Communist Party and Al-Manar Television run by Hezbollah terrorist group based in Lebanon.

Anti-Semites and other anti-Israel advocates picked it up immediately and began to spread it through the airwaves making up lie, after lie, after lie, lie, lie in order for it to make it become the truth.  The fact that a resurgent Communist party and an Islamic supremacist terror group like Hezbollah were overtly engaged in spreading this like wildfire exposes how stupid so many people are really out there that don’t seem to mind to repeat the lies.

Israel wasn’t behind the 9/11 attacks…but the nexus of Islamic supremacists collectively comprised of al-Qaeda/Fatah/Hezbollah/Hamas and the rest of the Muslim Brotherhood and their outfits were.  The resurgent Communist bloc thinks they are able to control them as allies…even while they ignore the same players are behind the Islamic supremacist causes in Chechnya and Xinjiang.

5 Responses to “Israel Was NOT Behind The 9/11 Attacks…”

  1. ongarou said

    I’ve gone through databases and done some digging in the past relating to the topic. I don’t claim to know the answers (I never will), but I definitely believe there is more to the story than what was told to the American people by their government. Whether it be mossad involvement or lack of defensive measures on US behalf, the reality of that day will never be fully revealed. I find it strange though that if I were to accuse the Isreali govt. of involvement in the attacks I’d be considered an anti-Semite. I don’t fully understand what that even means anymore.

    • mah29001 said

      I have a hard time to believe that Israel somehow could pull off the attacks…if that’s so…why is an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Mohamed ElBaradei going to come to power? Why is the Likud Party in Israel NOT minding the two-state solution?

  2. ongarou said

    p.s. I just stumbled upon your site before I posted my previous comment, I’m enjoying it.

  3. Iakovos Alhadeff said

    The Energy War Between U.S.A. and Russia and the Threat to Israel Survival

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