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Gawker Endorses Supporting Child Predators As An “Orientation”

Posted by mah29001 on September 9, 2012

Yep, those who also support and embrace the Obama administration also promote how child predators should have their own “orientation”.

Would they say the same thing if they had a child who was a victim of a child predator?

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Obama Nation/Clintonista/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups: Karl Rove Joins The Leftist Assault On Todd Akin Edition

Posted by mah29001 on September 1, 2012

And for that matter, why is does the Republican Party platform on foreign policy with Mitt Romney include helping the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood out?  It would seem the obvious that both political parties have the same stupid and pathetic, hapless strategists whom play the game of divide and conquer with the American people even at the price of security and freedom of the American people.

A Mitt Romney administration like an Obama administration would still help enable the Muslim Brotherhood takeover the Middle East. After all, Rove, the same strategist likely behind a possible Romney administration has zero problems affiliating himself with Leftist Feminists whom are promoting the slogan of “War on Women” promoted by the Democratic Party.  Here’s more on the Obama Nation/Clintonista/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups:

  • Besides Karl Rove revealing that he supports Leftists, Lewrockwell.com is criticizing the new anti-Obama film Obama’s America 2016.  Gee, and why did the Republican National Convention decided to appease these fools with a wRONg Paul video tribute?
  • The Turkish media is trying to have it both ways with Germany, demonize the country as “Islamophobic”, while ignoring how the same German government is legalizing Sharia Finance.
  • Lyndon LaRouche’s sock puppets are being promoted by Iranian-state run television.
  • Does it sound like the mainstream media mind as well be full blown Communists?  Well, when the Communist Party USA praises their work into calling anyone who opposes Obama a “hatemonger” it’s quite the obvious…
  • Obama wants more flexibility if he wins re-election this coming election cycle, with the Russians admitting they are prepared to upgrade their navy capabilities and create a sea based space defense system.
  • Genocidal Palestinian supporters praise Jewish Leftists for making Zionism illegitimate but hey folks, they just really want peace…not!
  • Aussie Reds are promoting the Cuban Five Downunder.
  • The Los Angeles Times is making a big deal on “right-wing” terrorism, even though the terrorist in Norway supported Vladimir Putin, and the late Timothy McVeigh was found “innocent” by the late Leftist Gore Vidal who believed that the U.S. government was “behind” the atrocity he committed.  Yea, Leftists never coddle with these “right-wing” extremists, sure they do.
  • Gawker.com is typically praising the Leftist, pro-Obama inspired Newsroom show.  After all, as a “media outlet”, Gawker.com does follow in its footsteps.

And of course, ending the Obama Nation/Clintonista and Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups, the Huffington Post is displaying its denial that Islamic fanatics want to destroy the USA, that if you mention that, you are an “Islamophobe”.

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New Wave Of Feminism….The Fascist Feminist Vote Democrat Only Or You Support Rape

Posted by mah29001 on August 25, 2012

Shameful that Gawker is trying to link to Todd Akin’s comments even though the author of the article if one scrolls down the article admits it wasn’t what Paul Ryan himself didn’t say.

I say there is a new wave of Feminism….the Fascist Feminist where you can only vote Democrat to be on the “right side”, otherwise they can make up stuff that you support rape even though you affiliate yourself with an administration that gives our tax dollars to rapists in the Muslim Brotherhood who love to rape women reporters.

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Yes Even The Pro-Obama Gawker.com Is Admitting Occupy Wall Street Is Bringing Disease And Viruses With Them

Posted by mah29001 on November 12, 2011

And yet their Dear Leader Obama, along with others like Ron Paul are not backing down with this obvious concern from even those that likely supported the Occupy Wall Street crowd….

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Evil Empire/Clintonista Round Ups: George Soros Using Ron Paul To Discredit Proponents Of Small Government Edition

Posted by mah29001 on October 13, 2011

So that he could quickly prop up Hillary’s mini-me Chelsea Clinton for 2016?  Just some thoughts to WHY it seems that Ron Paul endorses some policies like Bill Clinton’s version of going after terrorists which didn’t prevent 9/11….or his endorsement of the Wall Street protesters which George Soros also endorses.  Or MoveOn.org helping Ron Paul during the Bush years….yep…it sounds like Obama is officially downgraded.

Anyway here’s the Evil Empire/Clintonista Round Ups:

  • Don’t expect groups like CAIR or websites like LoonWatch.com to care about an Islamic-inspired hate crime against an Atheist in Pennyslvania….but if that follower of Islam was a follower of Christianity the same hypocrites would whine more about it.
  • Of course Ron Paul’s friends at Lewrockwell.com are now using Christianity as a ruse to get rid of the Pentagon but at the same time they don’t mind to not be camera shy to the Russian government funded Russia Today.
  • Isn’t this quite typical here that Iranian leaders are still saying that the West has an “Islamophobic” foreign policy…but at the same time the Western media praises the uprising as well as “democracy supporters” while Iran’s state run PressTV celebrates them as well…
  • Guess who likes Gawker.com’s criticism of Steve Jobs….members of the Workers’ World Party whom openly side with Gawker.com which backs the Obama administration.
  • Communist Party USA leader Sam Webb is an obvious sound endorser of the anti-Wall Street protesters…
  • Isn’t it quite the obvious why the law itself is leaning toward being pro-government and also anti-freedom?  Your local university professor may one day have a field trip to Communist Cuba to show the “wonders” of what a “workers’ paradise” Cuba really is to make the USA just “like” it!
  • Of course Palestinian terrorists love to try having it both ways with even a typical prisoner swap…at the same time Hezbollah runs to defend Hamas for its move.
  • Gordon Duff, the vile anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist also cheers on the anti-Wall Street protesters…

And ending the Evil Empire/Clintonista Round Ups….will Marie Le Pen, France’s neo-Fascist leader become a regular on the Kremlin-run Russia Today in the same manner Ron Paul was? After all…Paul is willing to meet with her…

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Gawker.com Takes A Cue From Libelblogger Charles Johnson

Posted by mah29001 on September 27, 2009

Funny, how does it seem like libelblogger Charles Johnson oddly sounds so familiar to this left-wing Fascist outlet?  I say it’s Fascist because Gawker.com happily posted the email messages of a certain Sarah Palin and didn’t take it down.

If someone on the Right did that with Obama or Joe Biden, I’m sure these hypocrites would complain.

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Gawker Goes After Pro-Slave Republican Steve King…

Posted by mah29001 on July 9, 2009

…perhaps it seems Gawker.com actually did something right in challenging Republican Congressman Steve King for not honoring the slaves.  But perhaps they ought to really do a step further and stop being Obama’s Pravda, where it seems they’d just love to put everyone as slaves for the government.

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Pagent PR Rep Continues To Do Damage Control On Miss California’s Anti-Gay Marriage Comments

Posted by mah29001 on April 28, 2009

How is it quite typical that the pagent PR representative is doing further damage control trying to allude that Miss California-Carrie Prejean lied on the reason why she didn’t get the Miss USA award.  But when rabid Leftists of Gawker.com agree with the homo-Fascist judge “Perez Hilton” it seems to be quite hard to say otherwise.

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Gawker.com Happily Endorses Helen Thomas As A “Journalist”

Posted by mah29001 on February 22, 2009

It seems those Gawker.com Leftist-Fascists are back again.  This time celebrating Helen Thomas as some sort of a “journalist”.  Even with her pathetic question toward Obama on “so-called” terrorists in Pakistan.

Wait, hasn’t Helen been doing her job and actually look into the fact the reason why NATO-U.S. forces are sending missiles into Western Pakistan is that it’s possible that it could be a likely hideout for Osama bin Laden?  Apparently, Helen never seemed to care about those intelligence reports.

Seriously, how can people like this be able to be so partisan, yet say they’re “fair-minded” journalists?  Why doens’t she and other people like her be more honest, quit their jobs as journalists and become legitimate pundits?

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Gawker.com Celebrates Iraqi Shoe Thrower; Shoe Thrower Idol Of Sadrists

Posted by mah29001 on December 16, 2008

Isn’t this downright pathetic, the media organ known as Gawker.com which likely was in contact with the hacker into Sarah Palin’s email address is celebrating the useful idiot who threw the shoes at outgoing President George W. BushGawker.com buffoons are likely not going to be happy if the same fellow decided to throw his shoes against their boy Barack Obama.

What’s more, the Iraqi shoe thrower is also being celebrating by the followers of the violent “cleric” and Iranian proxy Muqtada al-Sadr for which his followers have been openly calling for his release.  Gee, would the idiots at Gawker.com be happy if one of these terrorists were able to not just throw a simple shoe against their boy Obama, but instead try to use the lack of security to initiate a terrorist attack?  What unpatriotic idiots.

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