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Marxist Radicals Join In With Hezbollah Terrorists In Recent Prisoner Swap; Support Israel’s Destruction

Posted by mah29001 on July 29, 2008

Hmm, now this isn’t such a big surprise to find that members of the Workers’ World Party, notorious for organizing “peace” rallies in their front groups, the International Action Center and International ANSWER are openly expressing support for Hezbollah terrorism.  A notable Communist party that was involved with Hezbollah during the Lebanon-Israeli 2006 War was the Lebanese Communist Party which also participated in the recent prisoner swap.

Even when the same prisoners have vowed to fight on Israel and call for Israel’s destruction.  Isn’t this an exposure of how neo-Nazis would also agree with that same sentiment as well?  That really, what’s going on here, isn’t for the rights of Palestinians or Lebanese, but rather to use them in a Hitlerean-style in promoting Israel’s destruction.  This has nothing to do with peace whatsoever.

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Ruling Chinese Communist Party Heads To Defend Islamo-Nazi Sudan

Posted by mah29001 on July 29, 2008

This here, certainly isn’t a big surprise to find Communist China, rushing to defend the Islamo-Nazi government of Sudan led by the genocidal Omar al-Bashir.  However, don’t expect the main “opposition” group to do anything about it either.  The main “opposition” group is a coalition known as the Sudanese National Democratic Alliance, where among a member of the coalition is the Sudanese Communist Party but also its suspected armed wing the Sudan People’s Liberation Army.

The Sudanese Communist Party in particular, has close ties with Western Communist parties.  Especially the Communist Party USA, where Sudanese Communists openly display that they are not interested in promoting a Western military strike against the current ruling Islamo-Nazi Sudanese regime to be removed from power, nor are they interested in sanctions either.  What kind of an opposition group doesn’t want sanctions or a military action to remove a government they have long opposed?  A phony opposition group, is the correct answer to this.

The real goal of the Sudanese Communist Party and other members of the “opposition” coalition is most likely they wish to receive to share power with the currently ruling Islamo-Nazi Sudanese government.  Even Bashir’s allies such as Libya, as an example have promoted that idea as a possibility while also using members of the Communist-controlled United Nations along with also the African Union to protect Bashir’s regime while also pretending to fight the phony opposition.

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Gunman Involved In Church Shooting Hated “Liberal” Movement

Posted by mah29001 on July 28, 2008

What this makes me quite cringe about the recent church shooting of how Jim Adkisson could have acquired a gun in the first place.  Is the ironic twist, many of those he had targeted in his rampage were left-wing.  I do not know if they were supporters of gun control, but many left-wing controlled churches in general often endorse gun control.

Hey, what about having a lawful citizen carrying a gun and shooting crazies like Adkisson?  Would this horrible incident not change some of the opinions of the church goers to endorse the Second Amendment to protect themselves from crazy fruitloops like Adkisson?  Would it not make schools, churches and other places without security a bit safer?  Apparently, it seems to gun control advocates, even their own whom are targets of violence like this would not really care.

If more lawful people had owned guns in that church, it would have been Adkisson who would not land himself in jail but in a nailed coffin instead.  That’s the proper way to respond to a crazied up fruitloop gun man like Adkisson, and I’m sorry if it may be the only way to deal with thugs like this.

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Real Homosexuals Versus Phony Homosexuals Who Enjoy Islamic Gay Bashing

Posted by mah29001 on July 27, 2008

Now here’s something interesting I have found here, in which case, the Workers’ World Party’s “LBGT” faction known as Lavender Red back in December of 2007, promoted the Taliban as “victims” of U.S. “imperialism”.  Along with also charging that U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan were “homophobic”.  Real, a real site for homosexuals details a very different story, which is the exact opposite.  Which instead, exposes that Taliban terrorists were not tolerant of homosexuals at all.

Funny, how the Workers’ World Party sides with the most brutal forces toward homosexuals.  Yet then they pretend to “care” about their needs.  When really, they’re nothing more than a bunch of wolves in sheep clothing.  These are also, the same people who defended the tyrannical regime of Saddam Hussein, also stating that “gay rights” were “better” under Saddam.  Yet how many times did the media ever showed of Iraqi homosexual/lesbian couples out in the public view?

Nope, you didn’t see ANY of that under Saddam’s regime.  What this exposes here, is that Communists have similary qualities as being homophobic even more so than those whom carry a Bible, Koran or Torah.  Rather, the worse kind of deception you can play on somebody is to say that you are “for” their cause, yet you can go behind their back and do the exact opposite.  Now this makes the Religious Right look like nothing, when it comes to exposing who is more homophobic, as when Western Communists defend regimes that execute homosexuals in public, well, it seems that someone like Pat Robertson and the late Jerry Farwell have some competition.

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Spanish Police Seize 100 Kilos Meant For Terrorist Attack By ETA

Posted by mah29001 on July 26, 2008

Here’s something that certainly caught my eye, in which case, ETA terrorists were arrested, and at least a 100 kilos of explosives were seized.  Besides seizing explosives, Spanish police also uncovered a major cache of weapons, along with also detonators for bombs.  The question now comes, could ETA have been involved in some way with the 2004 Madrid train bombings?  Western Communists, were generaly delightful to see that Spanish troops left Iraq after the horrible train bombings.

Yet to throw off investigators, I’m sure ETA terrorists were also responsible in hiring self-described Islamist Jamal Zougam to accomplish the terrorist attack.  In which case, ETA could have stated that it had “no involvement” in the attacks whatsoever.  Even though the attacks would bring quite a delight to see that the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq would fail, if an allied force left Iraq due to trouble on the home front.  Besides that, it’s also been revealed that FARC terrorists are quite well associated with their ETA counterparts, along with ETA still having a wide terror network operating in Spain, Portugual and France with the aid of foreign help.

Now certainly this reveals here, that ETA was potentially trying to create enough explosives to promote another major terrorist attack against Spain.  The fact that bomb detonators were found in the ETA “safe house” the same type used in the Madrid train bombings, would reveal that the “old” Soviet terror network was responsible for the attacks, which allowed Spain to capitulate to withdraw from Iraq.

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Egyptian Police Seize Iranian-State Run Media Outlet’s Chapter In Egypt; Promotes Anti-Sadat Film

Posted by mah29001 on July 26, 2008

Hmm, now this isn’t such a big surprise to find the Islamo-Nazi Republic of Iran promoting a propaganda film against Anwar Sadat, the “moderate” Egyptian dictator whom recognized Israel.  This report exposes here, that the ruling Islamo-Nazis in Tehran had a large role in the September 11th, 2001 attacks.  But take of a major note on the past assassination of Sadat.  Sadat was assassinated by the Soviet KGB which trained many of these “Islamic” terrorists.

Among an early participant in the assassination was a young Ayman al-Zawahiri who is an open member of the Muslim Brotherhood and is very much involved in the Islamic Jihad movement.  But also an ally of the fellow MB-run Islamic Group which was responsible for Sadat’s assassination and also involved in the first World Trade Center bombing where the late Soviet-backed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein even harbored one of the perpetrators of the attacks.

With this revealtion of Iran openly promoting an anti-Sadat film, in a past assassination which Zawahiri was involved.  Just how much is Iranian intelligence involved in the September 11th, 2001 attacks?  Along with also the phony rift between Baathist Iraq and the Islamo-Nazi Republic of Iran.  Rather, since Saddam harbored a terrorist involved in the first WTC bombing, it would certainly reveal that the two terror states were closer than one would think.  It’s just like the debate of how close Communism and Fascism are.  How Fascism is a “right-wing” ideology even it promotes similar characteristics of Communism.

One also overlooks the involvement of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)’s involvement in the attacks.  That PLO terrorists were allies of Saddam Hussein, but also the late Yasser Arafat, the same old ally of Saddam, took a trip to Iran after the “Islamic” Revolution in 1979 and took control of a former Israeli embassy.  Now when the anti-Sadat film is openly promoted by Iranian-state run media, and Egypt still remains as a close ally of Iran in spite of this incident, one must conclude that Egypt is still an enemy of the West as how Zawahiri, along with the other “Islamic” terrorists involved in Sadat’s assassination easily managed to get by checkpoints by the Egyptian secret police.  Most likely, they were aided by outside forces, namely within the Soviet KGB.

Reason for Sadat’s assassination, was to create a phantom Islamic menace, where terrorists could hide under the religion of Islam.  Even when it was quite well obvious these “Islamic” terroirsts make more Leftist rants in their propaganda than they do with Islamic rants.

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Paul Craig Roberts Promotes More Anti-Israel Propaganda

Posted by mah29001 on July 26, 2008

Now this isn’t such a big surprise to find Paul Craig Roberts, once again, promoting anti-Israel propaganda, in which case, Roberts purposely claims that Israel “tortures” its prisoners.  Yet never mentions the mutilated treatment of the two IDF soldiers’ bodies whom were recently given back to Israel by PLO-trained Hezbollah terrorists.  At the same time, the Hezbollah captives of Israeli whom were allowed to go back to Lebanon were quite alive and well, and stated they would continue their armed struggle against Israel.  What?  Is that the world which Roberts has described in his latest anti-Israel propaganda piece?

Get this, Roberts also promotes Jimmy Carter, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, rabid pro-Communist ideologue.  Among which, Carter has defended the neo-Communist states in Latin America such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and so on.  Along with also the neo-Communist state in Nepal, in Asia.  Strange how Roberts can hide himself to be a “right-winger” when it comes to his involvement in the administration of Ronald Reagan.  Yet gets away with dishonest charges against his own country, and openly adopting an open Leftist/Marxist-style attack formation.  Among which include labeling the administration of George W. Bush, his favorite target of them all to be a “fascist dictatorship”.

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Olmert’s Syrian “Peace Partner” Basher Assad Endorses Islamo-Nazi Sudan Dictator Omar Bashir

Posted by mah29001 on July 26, 2008

Now isn’t this no major surprise, that Ehud Olmert’s Syrian “peace partner” Basher Assad is endorsing his Sudanese Islamo-Nazi ally Omar Bashir.  Why on Earth would Olmert continue his self-destructive policies of “peace at any cost” with Israel’s enemies?  When Assad is openly supporting a fellow dictator whom is promoting genocide against his own people?

What sort of “peace partner” is that suppose to be?  Here, Olmert is quite the Useful Idiot, doesn’t it seem that way?

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What Happens When A PLO Propagandist Is Promoted By Neo-Nazis?

Posted by mah29001 on July 24, 2008

I wonder how the anti-Israel Left feels that many of their anti-Israel propaganda are promoted quite openly by neo-Nazis, such as those in Stormfront.org, a notorious neo-Nazi Internet forum run by Don Black who works closely with neo-Nazi activist David Duke.  A notorious PLO propagandist whose work is promoted by the Internet neo-Nazi forum goes by the name of Khaled Amayreh where the neo-Nazi Internet forum promoted his Feburary article calling upon Palestinians to demand Germany for reparations.

Now take a look at some of the comments by these obvious online neo-Nazis here in their statements on the forum.  Funny how many of them pretend to suggest they “oppose” Communism, yet then they promote propaganda straight from the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and favored by rabid Leftist circles.

Here’s the comment made by the author of the anti-Jewish thread:

“So what Amrayreh is saying below is that when an IDF soldier pulls his trigger and blows the brains out of some Palestinian kid, it’s not really his fault, it’s Germany’s fault and they should pay compensation to the family for it.

But why stop there, how about American Indians start reparation demands against the Spanish royal family for funding Columbus’s trips to North America.

And of course Blacks should claim against the Jewish Banking families for providing the slave ships that brought them over from Africa, but I think hell would freeze over before this ever occured.”

Here’s another neo-Nazi user whom is endorsing the PLO propaganda driven by Amayreh:

“Khalid has some twisted logic. So Germany should have to pay reperations to jews for having to kick the jews out for all the dirt they did to the Germans destroying the great German nation and now the Germans should have to pay for Palestinians because jews kicked them out to make space for Kikeville.”

And the last user to comment on supporting Palestinian terrorism against Israel:

“No reason to be upset. This is just Black Propaganda, probably of British or
Israeli origin. The Palestinians know who the enemy is.”

Funny, how the Israelis are the ones whom are often demonized as “Nazis” only to find that PLO-Hamas terrorists are being endorsed by neo-Nazis on an Internet forum such as Stormfront.org.

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Neo-Nazi David Duke Plugs In Michael Scheuers Attack On Israeli “Firsters”

Posted by mah29001 on July 24, 2008

This here, certainly is not a big surprise to find that bin Laden “expert” Michael Scheuer is openly being promoted by neo-Nazi activist David Duke.  Where Scheuer in his latest attack, targets so-called Israeli “Firsters” for which he accuses them of being “anti-American”.  Even when Scheuer is allowed to promote his article on “Antiwar.com” run by the crypto-Leftist Justin Raimondo whom is rabidly anti-American.

Raimondo, is quite on the same lines as Duke.  He believes that 9/11 was “implemented” by a tiny Jewish state in the Middle East-Israel in his Terror Enigma book.  Not a long-standing revolutionary, genocidal network with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) at the helm of Middle Eastern terrorism.  The fact that both Raimondo and Duke alike promote the PLO, and the “Palestinian cause” exposes that they promote full blown Communism in the Middle East.

Now why would a supposed “expert” on Osama bin Laden would wish to associate himself with these types of people?

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