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Australia Goes The Road Of Internet Censorship Close To Communist China; Was One Of The Many Places Anti-Bush Folk Wished To Move To

Posted by mah29001 on October 31, 2008

Now here’s something so typical of what a socialist leader would do.  In Australia’s poor case, Kevin Rudd, the current Prime Minister has authorized the censorship of Australian Internet.  I have often heard from various anti-Bush types that when George W. Bush won his second election, Australia was a country on the list of the many other nations they were going to move to but really never packed up their bags at all.

Funny thing here, Australia is evolving more like how Communist China censors its Internet.  Can we expect a possible Obama Administration to bring about this brand of “change”?  Let’s hope not.  But it’d bring interest to why it seems that anti-Bush folks wanted to move toward a country that would end up being less free, than the USA under Bush.

Now that’s pure irony to all those whom laud the “fascist” label to George W. Bush, but say nothing about when their other favorite nations they’d wish to live in make a move like this.  Hypocrisy?  I’m sure it is.

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Cindy Sheehan On The Same Page As McCain Victims Of Obamaphile Radicals?

Posted by mah29001 on October 30, 2008

It certainly appears in quite an ironic case that the far left, and quite unapologetically an open Marxist Cindy Sheehan has stated her headquarters has been attacked by vandals just after members of her campaign questioned Nancy Pelosi for a debate.  In spite of Sheehan being quite the far left, and overtly Marxist activist, even she is ironically on the same boat like many McCain supporters are whom have been attacked by radical Obamaphiles.

This is quite the ironic twist, now that Sheehan ends up being on the same victim side which a number of McCain supporters are now on.  You don’t see this many McCain or even Bush supporters doing this to Sheehan when she was outside Bush’s Crawford home.  But when she’s up against an Obama loyalist like Pelosi, well, you may get the picture here.

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What Al-Qaeda Wants This Election Cycle…

Posted by mah29001 on October 30, 2008

…Bush and Republicans being humiliated of course.  As for that particular al-Qaedish Internet site praising John McCain, it’s become quite apparent that it wasn’t an official propaganda site for the terrorist group, though al-Qaeda propaganda tapes have been released in the past on that particular site in question.

The real scary message al-Qaeda is signaling is just who are America’s enemies hoping to loose this election cycle.  Al-Qaeda, here is officially taking the side of Iran, and also even Russia on who’d likely not see elected to the White House come next week.  But I’m sure, al-Qaeda terrorists wouldn’t be pleased no matter who’s in power in the White House either.

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Rashid Khalidi, This Guy’s A Columbian Professor? Authored Anti-U.S. Book

Posted by mah29001 on October 30, 2008

Here’s a book which Rashid Khalidi, whom is likely involved in lobbying members of the Council on Foreign Relations into lobbying Israel to cave to support its enemies had authored a book about demonizing the USA as an “empire” which his book is widely known as the Resurrecting Empire: Western Footpriints and America’s Perilous Path in the Middle East.

Now is this the same man whom is connected with both Presidential candidates?  Would make sense to why John McCain and Barack Obama endorse Israel to surrender toward its enemies and promote the “peace process” of the two-state “solution”.  It’s quite pathetic that Khalidi is also a professor at Columbia University and was also revealed to be behind inviting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over back in 2007.

In other words, Khalidi should not be a qualified professor.  It’s just sick, to see someone abuse their professorship in this manner.  What if Khalidi decided to invite leaders of Nazi Germany over?

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Al Franken Running For Senator Of Minnesota; 1996 Video Of The Man On ‘Operation: Chickenhawk’…

Posted by mah29001 on October 30, 2008

…and this guy wants to fill Norm Coleman’s big shoes?

Note: At least all or most major Presidential candidates and their VPs have at least children fighting in Iraq.  Such as Sarah Palin’s older son as an example or even Joe Biden’s child.  Al Franken makes Obama look more qualified to take Coleman’s seat, than Franken taken it.  This childish evidence of Franken’s little “chickenhawk arguments” dating back in 1996 exposes that this man should not take Coleman’s seat.  I’m also sure Franken would be an even bigger spender, even more so than the Three Stooges.

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Three Politicians That Deserved To Be Canned This Election Cycle…

Posted by mah29001 on October 30, 2008

…and my choices are Ted Stevens of Alaska, John Murtha of Pennsylvania and the arrogant Leftist Congressman Barney Frank who is such a rabid left-wing prick.

Reason I added Ted Stevens is that even though I’m a Republican, I’m no fan of any major corrupt politician.  Stevens deserves to get canned.  John Murtha, another douchebag that deserves to be canned.  Not only just for bashing the troops in lying about Haditha, but also calling his own supporters “racists”.  Let’s hope even if Pennsylvania does turn into a blue state for Barack Obama, Murtha doesn’t get his job.

Then comes the top of the three, the arrogant Barney Frank whom is an avowed Leftist and a supporter of “LBGT”.  Yet Frank misuses his LBGT issues such as purposely outing politicians whom are homosexual without their consent.  Frank was responsible for outing Mark Foley, though I’m not pleased what Foley had done during his time.  Shouldn’t Frank equally be outing some of his fellow Democrats too if that were the case?  Besides that, Frank also voted against a bill since he considered it “unconstitutional” of not allowing members of the radical, homophobic Westboro Baptist Church of protesting military funerals, and also just simply average funerals, or funerals of major public figures.

Aside from that, Frank has received kickbacks from the two failed companies-Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  He sounded also like someone who could not even handle a simple debate when confronted by Bill O’Reilly on national television.  I’m sure old Frank has been paling around with corrupt leaders like Murtha and Stevens whom are all big spenders in Congress.

So even let’s say Obama does possibly win this election, I’m at least hoping these three jerkoffs get canned from their jobs.  How the heck if it’s “change” when these folks retain their titles in Congress?

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Obama Teens Drove Kenneth Rowles Too Far; Rowles Used Gun On Vandalizing Teens

Posted by mah29001 on October 29, 2008

Now here’s quite a scary incident in which case, radical Obamaphile teens went a bit too far in provoking a certain Kenneth Rowles into using his gun to fire at them to protect his own property.  What if Mr. Rowles was let’s say an Obama supporter doing the same deal on preventing the McCain supporters from damaging an Obama-Biden sign?

Would it be only protecting one’s property, so long as it’s the right sort of candidate which Mr. Rowles backs?  And furthermore, it seems like the two teens involved should also be charged with provoking Mr. Rowles use of force in this manner.  This kind of pre/post-election is very reministic on the lines on what the supporters of Raila Odinga, current Kenyan Prime Minister did when Odinga didn’t win the elections.  His supporters rioted against Odinga’s opponents, even killing a number of innocent Kenyans.

Police officers raided old Odinga headquarters which they found material which Odinga’s supporters were even PLOTTING to use violence should Raila Odinga not win the election.  Even if let’s say Odinga’s allege relative Barack Obama does win.  There’ll certainly be enough radical people to have too many celebrative rioting for his victory.

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Paul Joseph Watson Helps Promote Ruan Ming; “Ex”-Chinese Communist On Anti-Western Propaganda

Posted by mah29001 on October 28, 2008

For 9/11 conspiracy theorists, folks like Paul Joseph Watson seem to enjoy promoting a lie.  In which case, Watson and other members of the 9/11 “Truth” Movement are promoting the propaganda coming from “former” Chinese Communist party member, and speech writer Ruan Ming whom is a close associate of the Dalai Lama.

Watson’s ridiculous claims promoted how police “disguise” themselves as anarchists and other rioters.  Even though in reality it’s really not true whatsoever.  It’s rather a promotion of Leftist-style propaganda.  In this old file here from March earlier this year.

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Obama Admits McCain’s Not Like Bush On Torture; Yet Still Says McCain’s “Like” Bush

Posted by mah29001 on October 27, 2008

Hmm, now this is quite an odd speech by Barack Obama whom is currently speaking to his core supporters.  Obama still retains the lies that John McCain is “like” Bush.  But then he admits that McCain opposed torturing al-Qaedish terrorists locked in GITMO!  Aside from lying about that, Obama has also stated that McCain is also “acting” like Bush on the economy with the bailout.

Wait a second, didn’t Obama also supported the bailout as well?  Now that just simply doesn’t make sense with Obama’s latest propaganda speech.

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Taliban Terror Leader Mullar Omar Dead?

Posted by mah29001 on October 27, 2008

Hmm, this is pretty suspicious on how Mullar Omar, the reported leader of the Taliban may have been killed in a likely U.S. missile strike in Pakistan or so.  But then there would have been at least comfirmation by the Taliban terrorists he helped organized.

But if that is indeed the case, why did it take so long to finally crush Omar like a little ant?  Why was the Pakistani government no matter if it were under Pervez Musharraf or the Pakistani People’s Party be so reluctant in hunting down Omar?  All this can likely reveal is that Pakistan was none too pleased to see Omar get wasted.

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