Zionism's Survival: Surviving Under The Coming Nazi Regime

Details the rise of Anti-Semitism Under The New Form "Anti-Zionism"; Revival of Nazism Under Reinvented Terms

Anti-Consumerism, The Far Left And Oliver Cromwell…

….it does make one really think about the far left and others whom pretend to be “Conservative” and “Libertarian” like Alex Jones all seem to adhere to Oliver Cromwell’s message of banning Christmas along with also having the government control consumerism:

During Christmas last year, Hugo Chavez had proposed something quite similar to what Oliver Cromwell had promoted…ending Christmas.  The far left and similar anti-Capitalists have always suggested they care more about your freedoms when in reality they don’t.  Alex Jones’ recent outbursts against sports fanatics whom are watching whether LeBron James goes on whatever teams also has a desire to have a government that’ll tell you what to do and what to think, and what to watch.

Already, there has been a semi-push by the far left to erase any brand of mentionings of the words “Christmas”, “Easter” or even being upset about the holiday of “Thanksgiving” and “Columbus Day” from the American calender.  But what does this have to do with Oliver Cromwell?  Cromwell was a Puritan fundalmentalist.  The far left always suggests they’re against religion…but in this case, socialism is becoming the obvious religion of the far left.

They support Hugo Chavez, and Chavez supports the rise of a totalitarian government, and also a totalitarian Latin America but instead of doing it overtly, he’s doing it covertly through the guise of being a “democrat”:

The far left in their propaganda have always held democracy in an annoying fashion as if they only hold the mere truth, and the “right answer” for “another world” that is “possible”.  But this world is a false utopia.  The total irony of those whom are against a “New World Order” are ironically for it.  Not being led by the United States…but the enemies of the United States.

The far left LOVE people like Oliver Cromwell because they’re anti-Capitalists just like Hugo Chavez.  It’s no wonder why Chavez is an ally of Islamic supremacists whom seek the same desires under Islamic connotations in the Middle East as to why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants israel to be destroyed, because Israel is what’s preventing him from accomplishing that goal.

So in the end…if the far left get their way…will there be freedom in the world?  Will there be a power or a country that would oppose their rule?  Hardly.  Precisely also like how the Catholic Church, along with also Oliver Cromwell in England, attempted to rule what was the truth, the far left and their promotion for socialism will do the same.

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