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The Grand One Clinch Fist Strategy Suddenly Makes All The More Sense

Posted by mah29001 on April 23, 2014

The Communist Party USA doesn’t want a Keystone Pipeline XL built, and yet it’s the only resource left that’d help get the USA out of its massive debt that Obama put us into.  While they peddle how much they don’t want the Keystone Pipeline XL built they’re continuing to do the following:

  • Encourage Leftist groups to fight foreclosures by not having the homeowners pay their mortgages on time to start another housing crisis.
  • Bring in illegal immigrants via amnesty that’d help bring in more voters to lean Left.
  • Create a single payer healthcare system while expanding Medicaid and all the other similar programs with no promise of actually funding them.
  • Demand unions receive 15 dollars per hour through fake class warrior rhetoric.
  • Subdue any talk about terrorism even if it’s Islamic supremacy and on Communism.
  • Make life harder with silly pro-environmental laws that make no sense like the plastic bag ban.
  • Continue to spend massive amounts of US tax payer money to help out despot countries like Pakistan and eventually expand to ending the trade embargo on Cuba.
  • Have phony green energy companies be setup by the political elite (such as Harry Reid’s BLM scandal attempt).
  • Withdraw US military or fail to provide military support to actual allies in need of help.
  • Give actual US military support to those that do not deserve it.

The Left really want to cripple the USA with this strategy, they don’t care it’s very similar to how Ronald Reagan tried to cripple the Soviets by supporting the Afghan insurgency, but this sort of mentality is like an insurgency except it’s closer to home which is why the Russians will be quite gleeful once the USA does collapse if the Left gets its way with everything.

And worse, we have an “opposition” that’d pander to them like the Koch brothers who recently vetted to get out the vote for Hispanics the targeted group that happens to be where most of those whom happen to be illegal are part of that ethnicity, along with Jeb Bush and Rand Pandering Paul.

The Left’s strategy would mean the USA’s complete utter destruction it’s no wonder why they wanted Obama in office and why they ask for everyone else to become just like him.

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Unholy Scenarios: The Left Prepared To Cause Food Industry To Become Too Big To Fail?

Posted by mah29001 on May 29, 2013

Think about it with even their protests against Monsanto and also protests in favor of a higher minimum wage.  The goal of the far left here is to create a food crisis here in the USA where it’d affect every portion of the food industry, not just the fast food or the genetically altered ones, but every part of the food industry will indeed be subverted toward a too big to fail where they’d be forced to obtain bailouts from the government.

It’s not far fetched to why the Left is prepared to do something like this, it is so that they can control the USA’s food and global food.  If they couldn’t do it with the environmental and nanny state movements they’ll end up causing a food crisis via increase of minimum wage that’d drive up prices of food which is inflation.  That is their scary goal sadly.

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Surprise! Man Shot By Anaheim Police Which Occupy Wall Street Went To Bat For Was A Gang Member!

Posted by mah29001 on August 11, 2012

Where is the same Anaheim police handcuffing the Occupiers for sticking up for these Anaheim gang members? Aside from that, the mainstream media news organizations like Reuters are making the sickening display to suggest the Occupiers would be “helping” to represent the Hispanic community in Anaheim.

Rather this is a very similar assertion going on in another part of the globe in Bahrain, where the Iranian government is penetrating the Shiite community, to pretend to be sticking up for Bahrainian Shiites, and respectfully Yemeni and Saudi Shiites.  The Occupiers are obviously copying those kind of tactics in targeting Anaheim’s Hispanic population to claim for “representation”, even though they’re the ones whom started the riots in Anaheim after they couldn’t really accomplish it in downtown Los Angeles two weeks ago.

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Burmese Leaders Ready To Cave To Islamic Supremacist Demands?

Posted by mah29001 on August 3, 2012

Oh indeed, the Burmese VP is hinting that the Burmese government will shortly cave to Islamic supremacists’ demands, even when they threaten high ranking Burmese national figures.  Does that give the same Islamic supremacists more sway in Burmese politics and eventually getting their hands on Burmese nukes?

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When You Are Right, You Are Right: Occupy Wall Street Purposely Instigating Riots In Anaheim

Posted by mah29001 on July 27, 2012

From their own admissions.

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Unholy Scenarios: So Why Does The Left Continue To Cite The USA To Be In This Rank Of Whatever Category?

Posted by mah29001 on July 9, 2012

The answer….to dumb down the USA to make people WISH you had that rank.  I didn’t think of it first, but it’s quite the obvious the Left wants to make Americans stupid, like the bailouts are now being praised as a “good thing” by the media, even though a country like Iceland ended up not accepting bailouts and no one else is talking about it because Iceland is doing well.

Think about it….what if the Left got someone even more Left than Obama in as President in the near future?  That politician if he is a minority would use his race more overtly as a cover than Obama in attacking anyone who disagrees with his policies as a “racist”, if that person gears toward more about his religion they’d claim his critics just “hate” his religion.

The far left is dumbing down the country, and the first thing is to demoralize anyone who believes there is any hope in the American civilization, and more so if one wants to take another step further, Western civilization since other Western countries are also filled with the same brand of lunatics running their universities, there are more anti-Semites now in Western universities teaching college students on how Israel is an “apartheid state” than in any point in time in history, not just here in the USA but the rest of the Western world.

So of course we’re ignorant also why 9/11 happened too, they ignore a religion’s history of conquests throughout its rise to power in the Middle East, and instead they focus on some absurd “neo-Conservative”, “Zionist” plot targeting the Middle East.  It is just mind blowing to show how dumb Americans have become, because of the far left backing this kind of nonsense garbage.

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Unholy Scenario (For Neo-Communist Argentina): Argentina Launches 2nd Falkland Island Wars Loses Neo-Communist Government Dissolved!

Posted by mah29001 on June 24, 2012

The only good outcome of a possible 2nd Falkland Island Wars which Argentina’s neo-Communist leader is trying to push in favor for a 2nd Falkland War which her government would deserve to dissolve completely, it’d be good for the USA if that’d happen, one Red Domino of Latin America gone for good….

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Unholy Scenario: Russian-Led Disinformation Promoting Unrest Over Drone Attacks On U.S. Citizens

Posted by mah29001 on June 15, 2012

That is indeed a frightening scenario that has come to light on the possibility of a scenario like that happening in the USA.  Think about it, Russia has handed over its drone technology to Venezuela and Iran who could disguise their drones as U.S. drones to attack American citizens and instigate unrest here in the USA itself.  People like wRONg Paul and his supporters have already done great damage toward the USA in opposing drone strikes against terrorists whom some of them happen to be radical converts and American nationals to al-Qaeda and other Islamic groups.

What if there was a unholy scenario to unfold of a Venezuelan drone disguised as a U.S. drone to attack average American citizens?  wRONg Paul and his fellow travelers whom often air themselves on the Kremlin-run Russia Today to promote this vile brand of disinformation have already done this kind of damage to hurt their own country.  They are only useful to help promote and cause unrest which is what the Communist bloc wants to see happening in the USA itself.  They’d love for the USA to be divided so that they could take over.

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