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A Communist Front Group Endorses Ron Paul’s Position

Posted by mah29001 on September 30, 2010

Yes indeed…oh and International ANSWER, a front group of the Workers’ World Party just LOVES the term “military industrial complex”.  Funny thing…Ron Paul agrees with them…and also the John Birch Society.  Ironically the Birchers accused Ike Eisenhower of being part of a Communist conspiracy…funny how the accusers ended up on the same page…

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Treason? Did Obama Demand India To Cave To Release Violent Kashmiri Rioters?

Posted by mah29001 on September 30, 2010

Oh…and not only that…but the Pakistani-sponsored insurgent leaders gloatly admit it.  Treason?

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Tactics In Fearmongering: Say The U.S. Government Sends Injured Troops Back On The Battle Field

Posted by mah29001 on September 30, 2010

Oh yes…the far left and sometimes quite anti-Semitic, anti-Israel Veterans Today is promoting propaganda from the Iraq Veterans Against the War whom are trying to claim that the U.S. government “sends” injured troops back into the battlefield.

Really?  That’s a policy?  Sounds like a tactic in fearmongering to me.

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Why Is Nazism Still Popular In Germany? Hint: It’s Coming From Former Communist East Germany

Posted by mah29001 on September 30, 2010

And of course people say that there is “no connections” between Nazism and Communism.  But it appears that the mainstream media indeed has to admit to why Nazism is becoming popular again in Germany is that it is coming from the former East German Communist side of Germany!  Yes…indeed…CNC admits that East German youths are drawn to the neo-Nazi movement…and more likely some of their parents whom were Communists when East German was part of the Soviet Union RESENTED reunification with Western Germany.

In other words…the rise of neo-Nazism is a backlash against unification.  Members of the National Democratic Party acquire many former East German Communists as their members…even some of them have come from the German Red Brigades whom were active during the Cold War in sabotaging and instigating terrorism against Western Europe sponsored by the Soviets.  In other words…these neo-Nazis in Germany that are from former East Germany are just recycled old school East German Communists turned anti-Semitic Nazis.

No wonder why Nazism is on the rise again in Germany…

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Ron Paul’s Little Double Standard: We Shouldn’t Cheat With The FED Manipulating The Dollar….

Posted by mah29001 on September 30, 2010

…but I’m sure in Ron Paul’s world…the Red Chinese can cheat on the yuan.  Ron Paul more likely voted against a measure of the U.S. government questioning if the Red Chinese have purposely manipulated their currency…and I’m sure Ron Paul would have likely voted no on the bill in question.

Remember…this is the same guy who demands we should end the FED for allegedly doing the same thing to the dollar…but when the Red Chinese do it…why does Ron Paul say nothing about that?

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Uh Oh: Top Judge In Macedonia Accused Of Working For The Yugoslav Secret Police

Posted by mah29001 on September 30, 2010

Oh yes…we are all suppose to believe that Communism is dead…but it seems the ghosts of the Cold War are here to stay…as it turns out a top judge in Macedonia has been accused of being an informant for the Yugoslav secret police back when Macedonia was part of Yugoslavia being run by the Yugoslav Reds. However…why is it that Yugoslav secret police informants are appointed to high positions to the highest benches of the land in countries like Macedonia whom were overtly once ruled by Communism?

Well…one has to look no further than the “non”-Communists in charge. According to the profile of Macedonia’s President Gjorge Ivanov, he was a member of the youth wing of the Yugoslav Communist Party. Unlike his counter part, the current Prime Minister’s profile of Nikola Gruevski shows he has little pro-Communist activity within his profile. The Prime Minister’s own party known as the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization is said to be made up of exiles whom were against Communism. However, in spite of the party being described as right-wing…in its original party name had some socialist influences within the party itself when it was first founded.

But why again did it take so long for Macedonia to out Yugoslav secret police informants now on the top positions in the court system for Macedonia?

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Bunch Of Commies: Yuck, Russia Today Says Socialism Is A “Good Thing”

Posted by mah29001 on September 30, 2010

And now the Kremlin funded propaganda outlet known as Russia Today is now stating that Socialism is a good thing…wait a second…I thought Russia “dropped” the ideology of Communism during the supposed end of the Cold War…why is one of their propaganda outlets like Russia Today overtly welcoming socialism?

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Why Is The Working Families Party Is Being Praised By A Communist Front Group?

Posted by mah29001 on September 28, 2010

Oh indeed…the Working Families Party which is well known to be affiliated with the far left labor movements including the defunct ACORN group is indeed running candidates in a number of states trying to depict these candidates to be a third party. Even though ACORN and the other far left labor groups have well known to fund the Democratic Party and its leadership. Oh…aside from that the Coalition for Free and Open Elections well known to have “non”-Leftist parties like the Libertarian and Constitutional Parties as members is also supporting the Working Families Party’s cause too.

It should note that Ramsey Clark, a leading American Communist endorsed the Coalition for Free and Open Elections, along with late Communist Party USA member Si Gerson, who headed the organization when he was alive.  Why are the Democrats spending like crazy when they have their big labor lobbiests like those in the Working Families Party telling them to do so?

It seems quite the obvious…the American Reds want to take over…and they got a new political system prepared just right for the American voter…

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Evil Empire Round Up: How The Far Left Helped Enabled The John Birch Society And The 9/11 “Truth” Movement To Depict The USA As A Police State…

Posted by mah29001 on September 28, 2010

…meanwhile they are aiding and abetting those whom WOULD indeed want to establish such a police state.  Keith Olbermann in this footage sounds a whole lot like Alex Jones.  It’s kind of strange to why Alex says that he’s “not” affiliated with the mainstream media even when the same media ends up recycling much of his baloney hogwashed conspiracy theories.  Keith Olbermann is obviously guilty of helping him and others like him to sponsor this kind of crap.

Anyway, here’s an Evil Empire Round Up which I’m sure the far left would ignore:

  • It seems that the Iranian-state run media of Press TV is taking notice of Australia ushering in its first Muslim MP. But here’s the problem…the MP in question used the Koran and not the Australian Constitution to be sworn in…why can’t religion be taken out of politics here? It can’t…that’s the problem.
  • Looks like there are some “moderate” Muslim “human rights groups” in Uganda whom are demanding the release of several Kenyan suspects which they decry to be “Kenyan human rights activists”.  Even as al-Shabaab endorses these “activists” the so-called Ugandan “moderate” Muslim activists say nothing of al-Shabaab’s obvious endorsement.
  • Well it seems this wasn’t a big surprise…Islamic radicals have obviously no love for homosexuals even in Indonesia, another “moderate” Muslim country which its own government had ordered the organizers of the gay festival to leave for likely security reasons.
  • Surprise!  It turns out Hamas was an obvious front group of Fatah…and still is.  Turns out the late Yasser Arafat ordered the terrorist group to instigate the intifada against Israel.  At the same time…Arafat also pretended to be a moderate while supporting Hamas.  Now Arafat’s protege Mahmoud Abbas is trying to seek a unity government with Hamas.
  • How typical of the anti-Israel nutcase known as Gordon Duff to go as far enough to endorse the 9/11 “Truth” Movement and make up claims of how the U.S. government has an “Islamophobic” policy.  Islamophobic?  Wait a second…wasn’t it the same Bush administration which George W. Bush described Islam as the “Religion of Peace” or how Barack Obama extended that message?  Nope…Gordon Duff’s ridiculous fantasies is that Israel was “somehow” involved in the 9/11 attacks and then he claims that he “deeply cares” about his fellow Americans when he really doesn’t.  Oh…to make matters worse…this hypocrite pretends to show love for the U.S. Constitution…but doesn’t seem to mind to endorse the Palestinian terrorists who cheered on the 9/11 attacks as it HAPPENED!
  • Looks like there might be those in the Kremlin whom are waking up to this so-called non-aggression pact with radical Islam, as it seems Iran is protesting Russia for not sending its missiles it promised to defend the Iranian nuclear plants and terrorist training camps it has in Iran. Wonder if the Red Chinese would start to care, as their own firms have been linked to Iran as well.

And ending this Evil Empire Round Up, it seems that supposed former Soviet Republic of Bulagaria is seeking a new U.N. Security Council seat for supposedly former Eastern European Republics that were controlled by the Soviets during the Cold War.  The Red World Order is just as dangerous as the growing Islamic Jihad…but the Islamic Jihad cause may even outrank the Red World Order’s resurgence.

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Hugo Chavez Lover Cindy Sheehan Admits She Is A 9/11 “Truther”

Posted by mah29001 on September 28, 2010

And now this Communist loving freak is involved with Alex Jones and the rest of the 9/11 “Truth” Movement…why is it that Alex endorsed the John Birch Society, supposedly a Conservative, anti-Communist group that doesn’t seem to mind this affiliation here between Cindy Sheehan, a well known proponent for Communism and one of their own people Alex Jones?

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