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Kremlin To USA: We’ll Not Bring In Ground Forces To Help You

Posted by mah29001 on January 31, 2009

Now isn’t this quite uncomfortable here, that the Kremlin states, from its state-run sources such as Russia Today that it’ll “help” the USA’s war in Afghanistan, via supplying US, NATO and Afghan troops, yet they admit they won’t send in ground forces.

Hmm, this is how someone whom is closer to Afghanistan is designed to help self-describe Allies, but really sees them as ‘enemies” should act like?  One can say if the Taliban, or even Osama bin Laden himself is being aided by the Kremlin, as why the Kremlin won’t send in ground troops to Afghanistan.  Maybe Osama and his Taliban pals are not hiding in Western Pakistan, but instead, hiding in a “former” Soviet Republic instead, or even possibly, Iran.

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Russia Today Acting Like Soviet Era Television; Gives Time To Anti-Missile Group Spokesman

Posted by mah29001 on January 31, 2009

Now isn’t this typical, Russia Today is caught again, sounding like its old Soviet self, in giving air time to a critic of the anti-missile program promoted by the USA to be placed in the Czech Republic.  The group calling itself No to Radar, happily took the side of the Kremlin in the interview.

Sounds like Russia Today, is certainly sounding like its old Soviet self for sure.  Just without the hammer and sickle included.

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Alex Jones Cozies Up With Marxist Hip-Hop “Artist” KRS-One

Posted by mah29001 on January 31, 2009

Now isn’t this typical here, that Alex Jones and his followers are cozying up with Marxist hip-hop “artist” KRS-One, whom has close connections with Immortal Technique, another rabid Marxist whom endorsed the notorious Stop Snitching movement.

Together these Marxist shills wrote the “song” Bin Laden, which portrays former President George W. Bush as being “responsible” for knocking down the WTC.  Along with also promoting the revisionism, of how Ronald Reagan armed Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons.  Even while providing little proof of it.

How typical is this for Alex Jones to cozy up with those whom justify the reign of criminals, and being quite the apologist for terrorists and genocidal dictators?

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If The Rapture Does Come…

Posted by mah29001 on January 31, 2009

…let’s hope Heaven doesn’t take this self-describe “Christian” nut case:

He of course makes Christians look bad, in the same manner Bill Maher looks bad.  So if there is indeed a Rapture, I hope Jesus Christ would have more rational and not include someone as insane like this as part of his army.  Yet though I’m no believer in Christianity at all, I’d rather see the Jewish Messiah come about, and end the problems in the world we have.  At least the Jewish version of End Times, doesn’t damn everyone whom doesn’t believe in G-d to live on hell on Earth for seven long years.

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An Anti-Semite 9/11 “Truther” And Jihadist Agree

Posted by mah29001 on January 31, 2009

Now here are two folks I wouldn’t want to meet at an anti-Israel rally.  The first one is a 9/11 “truther” and YouTube user going by the name nameofthepen, whom is an outright apologist for Hamas.  Among which he/she openly lies stating that Hamas is instereted in having a democratic system.  Okay, if that were indeed true, why hasn’t Hamas bothered to take out the passages within its charter that proclaim Israel’s destruction?

Aside from being an overt Hamas apologist, nameofthepen is a promoter of the Communist-led nuclear disarmament movement.  Most likely he/she also doesn’t believe that Imperial Japan or any other Axis Powers were ever a threat toward the USA.

The other fool in mind, is a self-describe Jihadist going by the screen name of lonovik, whom seems to fit the profile of a Jihadist pretty well.  He even liberally expresses his opinions on how non-Muslims should be treated:

Death to people who want to colonize other coutries, Death to the people who want to kill Muslims, Death to the people who want to ethnic cleansing Muslim. Death to the people who want to nuke Muslims.

How hypocritical is someone like this to accuse non-Muslims of ethnic cleansing, yet then call upon fellow self-describe Muslim radicals to go and nuke non-Muslims?  Even outright justifying killing many other non-Muslims?  Aside from that, this self-describe Jihadist is also quite fond of British Communist George Galloway, and also loves to paint Christians and Jews on the level of the Nazis.  Even though that his vile anti-Semitic propaganda against Israel makes him an actual Nazi!

It would then bring no major reason why nameofthepen, and lonovik would agree with each other.  Nameofthepen is rabidly anti-Semitic in his/her own rank, believing that Israel had “something” to do with the 9/11 attacks, while lonovik would smile upon such a belief.  Thus giving him the full right to wage a Jihadist-style war against the West.

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Lew Rockwell Shills For Islamo-Nazi Iranian Leaders

Posted by mah29001 on January 31, 2009

Now isn’t this typical, that Lew Rockwell, the phony Libertarian is at it again.  This time he’s he’s siding with the Islamo-Nazi Iranian leadership, into proclaiming that Americans have a “desire” to kill Iranians.  Whatever happen to the condemnations against Iranian government officials and their denial of the holoacust?  Hello?  Isn’t that why Israel distrusts Iran in its current stage to have a nuclear program?

Wouldn’t it just be nice and better for both the Israelis and the Iranians, if the Iranian leadership recognized the Jewish state’s right to exist?  Obviously, this anti-Semite, Lew Rockwell, doesn’t seem to care at all.  He’d rather paint the USA as a “warmongering” nation bent on promoting “genocide” against the Iranian people.  Even when the Iranian people themselves are slaves to the Iranian government which has been supporting terrorism for decades.

If the Iranians did two things, recognize Israel’s right to exist, and tell its old proxies to also recognize Israel, maybe the world would be in a better place by now, and the Iranians could have nuclear energy without any other deceptive agendas afoot.  How’d about that being suitable desire to solve the problem with Iran?  But so long as Iranian leaders are driven to deny the holocaust, and voice support for terrorism, that world would not be able to come about.  Maybe Lew should pull his head out of his behind, and see that is the proper path to go.

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Sounding Like A Nazi…

Posted by mah29001 on January 31, 2009

…here’s a comment made by a bothersome anti-Semite:

“Of course I hate zionist Israel ! Just look at what that new nazi state does, you filthy, murderous, apartheid loving scum……”

It was found in the comment by the anti-Semitic New Zeel blog.  This is what an anti-Semite really looks like.  Hey, former KKK leader David Duke even supports this vile propaganda.  Yeah, you heard me.  David Duke AGREES with you on this subject.  How is it that an anti-Semite like this has little or no life, but only goes about on pro-Israel sites and harasses anyone whom favors the Jewish state’s right to exist?  Does this individual ever care about the oppressive Burmese junta which is known to abuse its minorities?  Why are there no self-describe Islamists burning Burmese flags, and threatening to bomb Burmese embassies for the Burmese junta abusing Burmese Muslims?

I also guess David Duke also doesn’t seem to think either, that Burma’s a demonic state.  Yet he loves to laud that term toward Israel.

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New Zeel Anti-Semites Promote Zapatista Propaganda; Side With Hamas

Posted by mah29001 on January 31, 2009

Now isn’t this so typical, that New Zeel blog, which was started by New Zealander anti-Semites, have pushed pro-Zapatista propaganda, which includes Subcomandante Marcos, openly siding with Hamas.  Hmm, I wonder since Marcos proclaims that he’s fighting for Mexico’s local Native American indigenous populations, why isn’t the U.N. concentrated on him and instead with trying to cozy up with Hamas?  Can it be that the U.N. is ruled by a bunch of selective hypocrites?

Yet apparently, it seems these New Zeel anti-Semites, whom often harass anyone whom is pro-Israel do not seem to think twice about something like that.  I guess to them, some forms of “national liberation” are more equal than others.

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Arsonist At Sarah Palin’s Church Dismantled Fire Alarm, Cut Phone Wires

Posted by mah29001 on January 30, 2009

Now isn’t this no major surprise, after the McCain-Palin ticket lost, there are radical Leftists whom hate Sarah Palin so much, they desire to literally kill her.  In this horrible incident, her church became a target of an arsonist or two, where investigators now say that the church’s fire alarms were dismantled, along with also the phones cut as well.  In other words, the arsonist or arsonists wanted to send a clear message that their intention was murder in the first degree.

How typical of this is it that these far left types claim that anyone who they disagree with is “ignorant” and “stupid” while stating that they are “better” than they are?  Yet you don’t see that many people doing this to Obama’s former church hosted by rabid followers of its former pastor Jeremiah Wright.

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Israeli Forces Trying To Prevent A Coup Plot Against Fatah By Hamas? Iranian/Palestinian News Media Run Disinformation

Posted by mah29001 on January 30, 2009

Now isn’t this typical here, in Lebanon, a house of a Fatah member was about too close to a bomb being possibly planted by Hamas terrorists.  Question now comes, in spite of Fatah being not moderates at all, is Hamas still going through with a possible coup attempt against Mahmoud Abbas?  Even when this PLO terrorist chief openly admits siding with Hamas and Fatah’s own armed groups supporting Hamas during the Gazan conflict?

There are two odd incidents unfolding in the Palestinian towns of Jenin and Qabatiya.  In Jenin, eight men were arrested by Iraeli forces, and in Qabatiya, five others were arrested too.  Could this be linked to the attempted bombing of a Fatah official’s house in Lebanon?  Yet it seems even the pro-Palestinian sources are purpoesly promoting disinformation in this case to inflame anti-Israel attitudes even further.  The International Middle East Media Center, as an example, describes the incident in Qabatiya as a “kidnapping”, failing to do their job as journalists, these overt propagandists paint the incident as if Israeli forces just went into Qabatiya and snatched five innocent Palestinian citizens from their homes.  Israeli intelligence doesn’t just go around snatching innocent victims off the street like this, but that’s what this anti-Israel source wants people to think.

The Iranian-state run media with Press TV has also promoted similar disinformation, with the incidents happening in Jenin.  The Iranian-state run media outlet even outlines purpose disinformation, stating that Israeli forces have “kidnapped” over 11,500 Palestinians.  Not even giving detail why the Israelis went and arrested them.  Were they involved in Palestinian terrorist groups?  No, they do not answer that question.

It seems here, that Palestinian and Iranian sources are purposely promoting disinformation, in the effort to protect their proxies.  Even when the “moderate” terrorists are on their side.  But it seems here, that Israeli and Fatah forces may have dodged a bullet on an attempt coup plot.  Then again, those that Israel took, might also be Fatah’s backed terrorists whom openly collaborated with Hamas as well.  Either way, it seems, Palestinian and Iranian sources would push disinformation on the matter.

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