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Are Finnish Islamic Party Members Plotting Al-Qaeda Style Bombings Against Estonia?

Posted by mah29001 on August 28, 2008

Now this is quite a frightening statement coming from the Finnish Islamic Party, where it targets Estonia for just simply being involved in the Iraq war with this statement:


The Finnish Islamic Party presents its concerns to Estonian Republic for taking part of the war in Iraq with President Bush’s satanic government. The actions mentioned above by the Estonian government are oriented against Islam everywhere in the world and are a declaration of war against all Muslims.

The Finnish Islamic Party exhorts the Estonian government to pull their soldiers back from Iraq instantly and to respect Iraq’s sovereignty.

If Estonian government continues its acts of war and oppression it is responsible for its crimes against human rights in the battle against Islam. We can verify that Estonian government is controlled by American government. It raises a question on Estonia’s independency: have Estonians sold themselves to America? Estonia will be responsible for each day they take part in Iraq’s war and in the war against Islam.

For the Finnish Islamic Party,

Abdullah Tammi, chairman of the board
Abdullah Rintala, 1. vice-chairman of the board”

Aside from that, the Finnish Islamic Party also endorses neo-Soviet Russian aggression in Georgia, along with many other causes which open Marxists promote.  Now with this revealation right here, it may expose Kremlin involvement in the attacks in Britain and in Spain.  As no major surprise, Western Communists cheered Spain when it removed Spanish troops from Iraq after the Madrid train bombings which were originally blamed on ETA.  Even though recent reports exposed ETA had the capabilities of implementing such terror attacks, or collaborating with North African “Islamic” circles to hide their presence.  All what this can say also exposes Kremlin involvement in the September 11th, 2001 attacks were an “anonymous caller” possibly non-Middle Eastern, from either Eastern Europe or Russia phoned in to take responsibility for the attacks on behalf of the PLO-Marxist faction Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and Islamic Jihad which Ayman al-Zawahiri is a senior member of.  This pure exposure right here, would also signal that these “Islamic” terrorists that are threatening any nation involved in the Iraq or even Afghanistan wars are possible KGB/FSB assets.

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Patrick Leahy Said What? Blaming Bush For Rise Of Crime In Rural USA?

Posted by mah29001 on August 26, 2008

Now this is just bizarre, that it seems that George W. Bush is being blamed for just about every ill in the USA.  While your resident blogger is no longer a fan, what does Bush’s policies have to do with the lack of competence upon rural local leaders in the USA with the rise of crime?  What does Bush’s policies have to do with the rise of crime in major cities such as Los Angeles?

Apparently, Patrick Leahy seems to think Bush’s policies “caused” crime to rise in all parts of the USA, but also in rural parts.  I wonder how ironic is this, that someone like Leahy also foolishly believes that Barack Obama whom is allegedly tied with Bill Ayers would support law enforcement officials in their fight against crime.  Even though Ayers’ ideology is notably against police officers from ever bothering to do their business, making it an exposure that common criminals are cannon fodder for Marxist revolutionaries such as Ayers.

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Saddam’s Daughter Raghad Saddam Hussein Attends Pro-Saddam Protest After Execution; Paying Off Terror Groups In Iraq?

Posted by mah29001 on August 26, 2008

Just how are terrorists in Iraq are able to continue to pull off bombings in spite of success of the surge?  One would have to look at the money flow of Saddam Hussein’s relatives, such as his daughter Raghad Saddam Hussein as a very good example.  She has been accused by the Iraqi government of supporting a terrorist campaign against the Iraqi government giving aid and comfort to terror groups no matter what so-called “sectarian side” they happen to be on.

It seems here, the “sectarian divisions” in Iraq is really disinformation into not regarding that ANY Iraqis whom were involved in high rankings in the pre-post-Saddam government were all members of the Iraqi Baathist Party which was the sole ruling party.  Iraqis of all walks of life whom were involved with the government were involved, the fact that MSM describes various “sectarian divisions” is pure nonsense, and even these “sectarian” groups were caught together organizing terrorist campaigns, not really targeting other “sectarian” fighters.

Here’s a video of Raghad Saddam Hussein attending a pro-Saddam protest, now just where is the money of Saddam’s family flowing to:

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Did Opening Speech Of Eleanor Holmes Norton, Supports Giving Rights For Homeless To Vote?

Posted by mah29001 on August 26, 2008

Hmm, now here’s something that caught me when I was reading between the lines when I was watching C-SPAN on the Democratic National Convention.  Did I just hear correctly that superdelegate, and closet black Marxist (?) Eleanor Holmes Norton demanding to give rights to homeless people to vote for the “right” candidate?

What if a Republican delegate to the Republican National Convention ever made these statements of trying to recruit homeless to vote Republican?  Reason why I stated Eleanor is an allege closet black Marxist was that she was an organizer of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, noted for being taken over quite hostily by members of the Black Panthers Party, while masqurading themselves as “Civil Rights activists” even trying to lobby the late Martin Luther King Jr. to take up the racialist tone against whites.

Aside from that Eleanor was also involved with the American Civil Liberties Union, which often does notable “legal” work quite reministic of the National Lawyers Guild, a “legal” front group of the Communist Party USA.  Now since Eleanor is also a superdelegate as well, it’s no major surprise here, that other superdelegates may take similar positions in calling for the homeless to vote for the “right” candidate.  Now how can it be a fair election here, when the homeless are coaxed into voting for ANY political party?  I’m sure there would have been more outrage if a Republican delegate was caught saying this pure nonsense.

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Neo-Communist Cyprus Aids Free Gaza Group In Validating Hamas; MSM Reports: Hamas “Controls” Gaza

Posted by mah29001 on August 24, 2008

Why is it suitable for a nation such as Cyprus to openly aid in validating Hamas?  Recently, a group called Free Gaza recently pulled off a stunt of managing to get through an Israeli naval blockade of Gaza.  MSM has often reported that Gaza is under the “control” of Hamas.  But a closer look may reveal otherwise, that Hamas might be acting as a front group of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).  Pointing back to the Free Gaza group, this is a notable front group organized by members of the International Solidarity Movement which heavily engages itself in collaborating with PLO terrorists.

Cyprus, which has come under the control of the Progressive Party of Working People, happily provided the Free Gaza activists with boats, along with also providing a cover of the usage of a Greek flag, which brought some upset with the Greek government which wasn’t authorized to do so.  As much as how the anti-Israel crowd loves to portray the Israeli military on the “lines” of the Nazis, the Israeli naval ships in the blockade were ordered to allow the boats pass through, into not even firing a warning shot or through a megaphone of the threat to board the boats and arrest the occupants on board.

Rather, there is another player aside from the Israeli military validating Hamas, and the Free Gaza group, most ironically, Iran is being validated here.  As how the Iranian-state run mention openly mentioned the Free Gaza group’s stunt.  Yet it seems here, that the anti-Israel crowd will not streat the Israeli government fairly at all.  Even if Israeli leaders are all out for peace, with those whom do not support their existance to begin with.  What Israel has ironically done, is validated those whom deserved to see its total destruction.  Hamas’ manual openly states, that Islam would obliterate Israel, and PLO charter has similar calls for Israel’s destruction.

Why go about all for peace with those whom wish to destroy you?  Why embrace these “peace activists” whom support such a cause too?

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Somali “Islamists” Conspire With Kremlin Strategists To Seize Malaysian Oil Tanker; Take Key Port

Posted by mah29001 on August 23, 2008

Now this isn’t such a big coincidence in the Horn of Africa to find members of the Islamic Courts Union openly seizing a key Somali port.  By no major coincidence, a Malaysian tanker was seized by modern pirates, exposing how these “Islamic” terrorists in Somalia are really giving Kremlin strategists a helping hand in driving up oil prices.

The Islamic Courts Union is a notable self-described “Islamist” group affiliated with PLO-trained Hezbollah terrorists whom have recently called upon attacking Israeli citizens who visit the Horn of Africa region.  Now with this fact in check here, one would speculate that Kremlin strategists are secretly behind these “Islamic” pirates and also ICU members whom seized a key Somali port.

As by no major coincidence, “ex”-Fatah member Imad Mughniyah who is also a notable leader in Hezbollah also committed piracy such as hijacking airliners, and taking Western hostages which he killed.  It’s quite speculated that Mughniyah also helped trained these self-described Somali Islamists which are also linked with Osama bin Laden.

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“Free Gaza” Group Gains Help From Neo-Communist Cyprus; Heads To “Hamas”-Controlled Gaza

Posted by mah29001 on August 23, 2008

Now this isn’t such a big surprise to find that members of the Free Gaza group, an organized front group of the International Solidarity Movement is being aided by neo-Communist Cyprus.  In which case, Cyprus has recently come under the control of the Communist Progressive Party of Working People where its General Secretary has been elected as President.

What the MSM doesn’t mention is that Free Gaza is an ISM front group which works closely with members of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).  MSM, also describes Gaza to be “controlled” by Hamas even when these Hamas leaders are openly welcoming members of a PLO-ISM front roup known as Free Gaza.  All this exposes that Gaza may not be controlled by Hamas leaders, but secretly by the PLO.  It’ll also throw out those Islamist rhetoric from Hamas leaders as being a fluke against the PLO, and the “divide” between the two groups is really designed to entrap israel in a Gaza-quagmire while Hamas terrorists seemingly are able to acquire rockets to fire into Israeli cities.

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“Peace Activists” Cozy Up With Kremlin Run Russia Today TV

Posted by mah29001 on August 21, 2008

Hmm, now this isn’t such a big surprise to find Russia Today TV, inviting “peace activists” both openly Marxist radicals and “right-wing peace activists”.  Strange to why it seems that Justin Raimondo along with Lew Rockwell, and Pat Buchanan are promoting neo-Soviet Russian aggression.  Perhaps it has to do with Raimondo’s affiliation with Russia Today TV by any chance?

As no major surprise, Russia Today TV is subsidized with the aid of the state run RIA Novisti, which was part of the old Soviet-state run media.  Funny how “Antiwar.com” along with other “peace” groups are involved with Kremlin strategists funding state-controlled media outlets.   No major surprise to why Raimondo and others would tow the pro-Kremlin line.

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Saddam Hussein Did Support Terrorism; Saddam’s Arms Went To Kurdistan Workers’ Party

Posted by mah29001 on August 20, 2008

Now this isn’t such a big surprise to find reports of the late Soviet Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, promoted the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.  In which case, most of the arms which Saddam had bought for these PKK terrorists came straight from the “ex”-Soviet Republic of Poland.  Along with also a network of penetrated Western weapons manfacturing companies in Austria and even in Italy which reports, Italian-made mines have been used by PKK terrorists.

Now this is quite revealing to all of those who deny that Saddam was ever involved in international terrorism.  The truth is that Saddam supported terrorism, in the case with the PKK, the PKK was founded by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), an ally of Saddam Hussein.  Even the semi-uofficial PLO member Islamic Jihad voiced its support for Saddam’s dictatorship prior to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq exposing that Saddam might have some contact with Osama bin Laden, but most likely he had contact with Osama’s middle-men.

Why isn’t MSM paying attention to this revealation?  And why even should “pro”-U.S. Kurdish groups controlling the Kurdishstan Regional Government allow Marxist groups linked with the PKK allow them into the government?

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If Raimondo Likes Russia So Much…

Posted by mah29001 on August 18, 2008

…why doesn’t he just move there if he thinks it’s so “great” under “ex”-Communist Kremlin strategists like Comrade Czar Vladimir Putin?  Doesn’t make all that sense to refer your own country to be literally a “Fascist” government but then support someone like Putin who regularly executes anyone who disagrees with his rule.  This is the ultimate hypocrisy of “Libertarians” like Raimondo.

They are such big shills for the state, it’s just mind blowing that they can get away with such hypocrites!

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