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Pathetic Libel…

Posted by mah29001 on April 30, 2009

…it seems thsi rabid anti-Semite Terminator6324 certainly pushes libel anti-Semitism here:

It seems no wonder why those whom are apologists to Palestinian terrorism would obviously ignore it.  They outright justify it.  This rabidly anti-Israel video quite frankly explains why they push disinformation against Israel.

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Another Pro-Palestinian YouTuber Calls For Genocide Against Israel

Posted by mah29001 on April 30, 2009

Typical, typical.  It sounds like there are more pro-Palestinian YouTubers that deserve their fifteen seconds of shame.  Comes the case of YouTuber GoGoPalestine whom has liberally expressed the desire to see a second holocaust against the Jewish state of Israel along with accusing the Zionists of being Nazis.  Even though there happens to be a YouTube Nazi known as MetallicaSucksNow seems to enjoy the usage of Adolf Hitler as part of the image of the background.

How typical that MetallicaSucksNow would certainly agree with GoGoPalestine’s genocidal assertions:

“We are going to the freedom, doesn’t matter how much it will cost we are not gonna ask any one for our freedom ….we gonna take it, It’s our rights.

How do you feel if some stole your land. your house, killing children and women from your family. more than 11,000 in jail under arrest without case, siege around your area with no food no medecins, not allowed to go to the hospitals, and school.

If you don’t have an Idea about Palestine and IsraHell just read the real history and see who is the bad boy…. who killed the children and women in cold blood and then you will know the truth…

Our fight against the Devil against the people who don’t care about killing stealing, our enemy is not a human, Zionist and IsraHell is the cancer of the world,ZIONESTS ARE THE NEW NAZI’S.”

For those whom lecture Jews to being the new Nazis, but willing to wage war to destroy their state.  Look in the mirror.  Palestine it seems is being abused in this manner as a modern day German Sudetenland.

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Bogus Little Report From Infowars.com Being “Attacked” By U.S. Military Via Cyberwar

Posted by mah29001 on April 30, 2009

Isn’t this typical of the paranoia of Alex Jones and his volunteers.  They now claim that the U.S. military base in Japan was “involved” in a cyber attack on Infowars.com and other websites Jones owned.  Gee, I don’t think the USA’s commanders overseas would ought to be that concern about some nutjobs like these.

Now certainly Jones and his followers obviously live in quite the paranoid world.

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Pravda Again Pushes Its Old Soviet Line…

Posted by mah29001 on April 30, 2009

…yep, the publication of the Russian Federation Communist Party known as the Pravda is still sounding like its old Soviet self.  This time continuing to attack Russia’s “former” Baltic Republics of bailing out from the Kremlin and trying to suggest the Soviets ever occupied those countries.

Maybe it would be best for a certain Vladimir Putin to move on his “ex”-Communist subversives in, knowing that the “right-wing” of these Baltic Republics would no doubt lack the apathy of opposing Putin.

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Posted by mah29001 on April 30, 2009

…it seems that David Duke is at it again.  This time he’s trying to make himself out as a “martyr” on the lines of Czech Priest Jan Hus whom was burned at the stake.  Duke in is disgusting, hatemongering manner blames “Jewish influence” for the arrest but was allowed to walk.  Reason why people like Duke are targets in Europe are Europe’s De-Nazification laws where holocaust denial seems to be right on the lines of promoting obvious National Socialist leanings.

Oddly enough, Duke’s sick world is right on the same page as a notable anti-Semite whom would agree that the world should be without “Jewish supremacism”.

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A Jew Hater Admits World Should Be Without Jews

Posted by mah29001 on April 30, 2009

Apparently it seems that westthea whom attempts to “debate” your resident blogger here outright lies and promtes revisionism in order to fit his anti-Semitic worldly point of view.   You westthea, you agree with the bunch of Jew-haters out there.  You spin Bible prophecy to hate the Jews, and then claim that you’re fighting against non-Jews whom converted to Judaism.  But still promote classic anti-Semitic leanings anyway.

It’s this reason why I don’t trust why should the U.S. government be continuing to push for “peace” with those whom refuse to recognize an U.S. ally’s right to exist.  When you get supporters for Palestine whom act like how westthea acts in promoting rabid anti-Semitic rantings and then justifying Palestinian terrorism.  Then also accusing Israel of “being behind” that terrorism yet still in some bizarre wacky world defend the terrorists.

Pathetic.  Really westthea, I pitty Palestinian terrorist apologists like you.  You don’t even care that you’re going to be on the wrong side of history.  Hopefully when G-d judges your soul, you’d have second thoughts on what you’ve done.  I didn’t see people like you attack Hamas or Hezbollah’s rocket attacks or the number of suicide bombings prior to the Israelis setting up that “apartheid” wall.

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Meet A Communist Jew-Hater Whom Applies David Duke’s Slogans

Posted by mah29001 on April 30, 2009

It seems that some of YouTube’s neo-Nazis whom push disinformation on 9/11 on how Jews were “responsible” for the 9/11 attacks have a strange bed fellow.  The YouTube Jew-hater goes by the name of RacistJewsHateYou whom liberally displays the symbol of Che Guerva, notorious Communist terrorist and leader and founder of the Cuban secret police.  RacistJewsHateYou also besides being a rabid anti-Semite also endorses slogans promoted by David Duke such as the term “Jewish supremacist”.

How typical does it seem like a rabid Leftist like this would certainly embrace open anti-Semitism here?

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A National Socialist (Nazi) Agrees With Typical 9/11 “Truth” Propaganda

Posted by mah29001 on April 30, 2009

Isn’t this quite interesting.  That a National Socialist (Nazi) would agree with this loaded lie of how Israelis were “dancing” on 9/11 but ignore reports of PLO forces happening to celebrate the terrorist events along with PLO-trained Hezbollah in Lebanon.  The neo-Nazi in question whom embraced this kind of propaganda goes by the YouTube screen name YouCheckmate whom has liberally endorsed this brand of disinformation.

Hmm, no wonder a certain Richard Poplawski happily went to 9/11 “Truth” sites such as PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com to promote Alex Jones’ disinformation.

Besides YouCheckmate, the YouTube neo-Nazi believing in this disinformation, fellow National Socialist going by the screen name of TheSilvaBuIlitt also promotes the anti-Semitic libel.  TheSilvaBuIlitt exposes himself to be a rabid Leftist from the country of South Africa.  He promotes rabidly anti-Semitic libel, and endorses a second holocaust against the Jews.  Oddly enough, TheSilvaBuIlitt pretends to be favoring a two-state solution but really is for the one state solution-a Palestinian state controlled by Fatah and Hamas, with Israel being destroyed in the process.  That is certainly a game of deception that these neo-Nazi Palestinian “activists” are certainly promoting.

Here’s an ironic comment by TheSilvaBuIlitt whom denies that he’s a hater, but lauds typical anti-Semitic libel against Jews:

“The JEWS on YoueTube depict people with my views (broadly speaking) as being ‘racist’ and being a ‘hater’. I am not a ‘hater’ because I’m prepared to accept converts to my beliefs from wherever they come. The followers of Judaism are the REAL HATERS because they hold themselves seperate from the rest of humanity, whom they openly reject as being SUBHUMAN – according toi the meaning of the word used in the Talmud, ‘GOYIM’ – which means ‘Cattle’.”

So what’s the problem here, is that TheSilvaBuIlitt has been caught in a lie.  He claims to be not a hater, but promotes libel anyway against the Jews.  How hapless, yet also not a big surprise that someone like him would also promote anti-Semitic libel against Jews being “behind” 9/11 as well.  But besides TheSilvaBuIlitt, this anti-Semite seems to be making friends with fellow anti-Semite Uvefailed whom believes that Jews are “like” the National Socialists.  Even though National Socialists would agree with Uvefailed and TheSilvaBuIlitt

How is it quite hapless that the far left, along with open National Socialists would agree?  Besides open Nazis and anti-Israel advocates pushing how Jews were “involved” in 9/11.  Amiri Baraka, open black Communist and member of the Communist front group Black Radical Congress had openly endorsed this brand of anti-Semitic disinformation.

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Did Israel Really Create Hamas?

Posted by mah29001 on April 29, 2009

It’s rather quite amusing and sad to see those whom demonize Israel to also accuse Israel of “creating” Hamas.  But it seems like it’s all a big lie.  Israel had nothing to do with creating Hamas.  Hamas was a creation on the part of the Muslim Brotherhood organization based in Egypt.  But not only does Hamas has very close ties with Egypt, Fatah’s own forces have been caught supporting Hamas.

Such as Yasser Arafat mourning the death of Hamas’ founder after he was killed by an Israeli missle.  Along with also the most rabid haters of Israel coming out to condemn the Jewish state for killing the Hamas founder.  If Israel created Hamas, why would all of Israel’s critics come out to defend the terrorist organization?  The same critics also defend Hamas when it came into power in Gaza, via elections such as in the same manner the National Socialist German Workers’ Party did.  The National Socialists like Hamas used democracy to come into power.  But the National Socialist Program which was the manifesto of the Nazi Party was certainly not compatible with what a democratic/Republic society would fit well with.

Hamas’ own charter likewise doesn’t fit well with the compatability of what a real free society looks like.  Many Hamas leaders have touted the promotion of the contraversial Sharia Law which demands to incorporate women to be forced into servitude by their male counterparts.  There has also been reports that Palestinian Christians face discrimination even more so under Hamas than they did with Fatah.  Ironically, Fatah is also secretly helping the terrorist group persecute the Palestinian Christians.  Guess which nation the Palestinian Christians would flee to?  Israel of course.

Hamas wants a state similar on the lines on what the Taliban offered to Afghanistan, a totalitarian Islamic state.  Quite outrageous that the same critics of Israel would be more than happy enough to embrace it.  It would seem that Israel could one day be replaced with a corrupt Islamo-Marxist government of Palestine in the near future.

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Countering Alex Jones’ The Obama Deception…

Posted by mah29001 on April 29, 2009

…it seems that critics of Alex Jones have dubbed their documentary coming summer 2009 the Alex Jones Deception detailing all the lies he’s been telling:

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