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Evil Empire Round Up: Russian Government Helping Anonymous Edition

Posted by mah29001 on May 31, 2011

Oh indeed, this group of “hacktivists” have been in the news quite recently, some of them have been going to Russia Today, operated and run by the Kremlin to promote their propaganda.  Is it quite the obvious that Anonymous is far from what it preaches to be reality here?  They almost sound more like the Internet Liberation Front, a Marxist anti-Capitalist group of “hacktivists” whom were well known for hacking into Conservative and Republican orientated websites about a few years back.  Now it seems like their operations have been taken over by Anonymous in targeting major companies, along with even news media outlets….and yet why doesn’t Russia Today bother to send information on the whereabouts of these “hacktivists”?  Is it because Russia might be helping them?

Here’s more on the Evil Empire Round Up:

  • It seems the company Sony is on the target list for Anonymous.
  • Typically enough, Anonymous expresses themselves to be Leftist “hacktivists” when it comes to another obvious target FOXNews.
  • Even the Pentagon is indeed going to join the target list, can’t just be some typical Leftist spoiled brats who have too much time in their parents’ basement or garage doing this….as it seems likely the Russian government is helping out the more subversive ones.
  • Aside from that, PBS, and even Lockhead Martin were recently hacked.  These Leftist “hacktivists” who whine about how much they care about freedom of speech don’t seem to care an ounce of criticism when it comes to PBS airing a documentary over WikiLeaks.
  • If there is more evidence to point out that members of “Anonymous” are not your typical Leftist parasite living from their parents’ basement, why do they seem to be trying to put you in debt, via a fake credit card schemes that do not exist?
  • Along with also stealing vital data from gamers roughly over 80,000 users.

And ending this Evil Empire Round Up, of course Julian Assange hopes to be a wealthy Lefty by the time this blows away.  Quite the obvious agenda that Anonymous indeed has, and why they do so many illegal activities as well to gain a cash flow to Assange.

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Pakistan’s Disinformation Arm Readies Defense For Pakistan

Posted by mah29001 on May 30, 2011

Of course, the “good folks” at VeteransToday.com, which is embedded with a top ISI operative Hamid Gul don’t seem to mind to not ask the real questions of why Osama bin Laden was found next to a Pakistani military academy, nor why Gordon Duff seems to ignore how anti-American the Pakistani military is….he’d rather make up trash about American Jews and Jews in general instead….to cover their tracks….

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Surprise! Czech Neo-Nazi Group Uses Leftist Terminology!

Posted by mah29001 on May 30, 2011

Oh indeed, there is a Czech-based group known as the Workers’ Social Justice Party, which is a Czech-based neo-Nazi group that has invited members of the German National Democratic Party of Germany.

Aside from that, these neo-Nazis are fond supporters of Gaddafi in Libya as well….

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Canada’s Immigration Problem With Pakistan Leads To Rise Of New Superbug In Canada

Posted by mah29001 on May 30, 2011

Oh indeed, Canada certanly has its fair share of problems of immigration when it comes to Islamic radicals and others who are from Pakistan or India, but now Canada has to deal with the new superbug that’s resurgencing thanks to because of Canada’s immigration lax.

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VeteransToday.com And Other Anti-Semitic Websites Under The Payroll Of Iran

Posted by mah29001 on May 30, 2011

After all, why would they be repeating the propaganda of a top Iranian general who is close to the Supreme Leader?

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Who Is Funding The Workers’ World Party?

Posted by mah29001 on May 30, 2011

When they’re touting they’re opening up a new branch office in Los Angeles?  Aside from that, their “poets” are paying homage to Ho Chi Minh, brutal Vietnamese Communist dictator and a number of other Communists.  One must wonder if the Kremlin is still sending them funds, after all, why are their front groups not minding at all to not be camera shy when they’re featured by the Russia Today propaganda arm of the Kremlin?

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Firedoglake, Promoting Revisionist Anti-Israel Propaganda

Posted by mah29001 on May 29, 2011

Oh indeed, this far left propaganda website that MSNBC endorsed apparently doesn’t seem to mind being a proponent of the lie that somehow being a Palestinian is somehow a race….even though there is no such thing as the Palestinian race….it was a nationality revived by the British when they were occupying it, and originally promoted by the Romans as a ruse to squash any Jewish uprisings within the Roman Empire.

And also let’s forget about the many Jewish Arabs living in Israel too….apparently Firedoglake didn’t do his research….

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British Anti-Semitic Blogger Endorses Alex Jones, VeteransToday.com And David Duke

Posted by mah29001 on May 29, 2011

Oh indeed, and it’s quite the obvious to why the blog in question would say how it’s “against” National Socialism when it embraces someone like David Duke?  Is it not the obvious that Alex Jones and VeteransToday.com are part of the same piece of anti-Semitic propaganda?

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Evil Empire Round Up: Alex Jones Endorses The American Dream Being A Real Fraud Edition

Posted by mah29001 on May 29, 2011

Oh indeed, it’s no wonder why Russia Today loves Alex Jones, because he favors the promotion of self-entitlement of maintaining a lifestyle that one cannot obviously keep.  The John Birch Society, and also your economic Lefties keep on telling people it’s the banking industry’s fault that the economy is collapsing….but really it should be the fault of so many stupid people who thought they were maintaining a “good lifestyle” they were really not being able to afford is the obvious reason!  The bailouts that were supposedly keep these banks and other companies afloat failed to do so, along with also now the same individuals that got themselves in these economic messes are demanding the bailouts go to them as well!  In other words, Alex Jones just wants a bailout for the rest of the people, likewise, the makers of the American Dream also desire the same manner in keeping one’s unstable economic lifestyle afloat, even though they’re no different from those who ran the banks or the companies who couldn’t keep THEIR lives afloat!

The American Dream is a real American Fraud…..and the ironic thing is that the John Birch Society and others are making up lies stating that they want to help people maintain their little fraudulant dreams afloat when it’s so the obvious they cannot afford to do so.  Anyway, here’s more on the Evil Empire Round Up:

  • Looks like the President of a Georgian breakaway Republic known as Abkhazia has just recently died while he was in Moscow, Russia.  Now what was the President of Abkhazia doing in Russia before the time of his death?  His death comes recently as the pro-Kremlin Georgian opposition are instigating violent rallies in Georgia as well, as if the Abkhazian President was almost in Russia for military purposes!
  • Is the Associated Press being a bit bias over its reporting in Pakistan?  The Associated Press has recently described the support of the Taliban in Pakistan and al-Qaeda to be part of Pakistan’s “right-wing”, but the same “right-wing” is embedded with support for the Red Chinese, and also favored by Western Communist groups who’d prefer NOT to have the USA involved in stopping Pakistan from supporting terrorism, also, why do Lefties stick up for these “right-wing” Pakistani Islamists when they describe their critics to be “Islamophobes”?
  • Pat Buchanan is apparently trying to have it both ways when it comes to Middle Eastern revolts and damning Israel, he however, is not going to really criticize the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt for wanting another war with Israel….but instead will lambash Benjamin Netanyahu who recently spoke in front of Congress instead.
  • Of course VeteransToday.com wishes it could instigate anti-Semitic purges in Congress….but this is also the same Congress that didn’t bother to bring a resolution up to condemn former President George W. Bush and Benjamin Netanyahu’s predecessor Ariel Sharon from pulling out of Gaza….
  • Looks like there are blasphemey laws even in Algeria, in spite of the country being dominated by an Islamo-Marxist government, it appears these Islamo-Marxists themselves have tolerated Islamic extremist behavior for a long period of time.

And ending this Evil Empire Round Up, it looks like members of the Cuban-state run media within the Cuban News Agency are being the obvious Capitalist Pigs that they really are in having their own FaceBook page where people can “like” them and read the Cuban-state run propaganda…..but hey you won’t have anything like FaceBook in a Communist country, would you?

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Don’t Tell LoonWatch.com, But Guess Who Is Supporting Palestinian Christians?

Posted by mah29001 on May 29, 2011

It’s none other than David Duke, former Klan leader who doesn’t seem to take the time to feel “sympathetic” to those whom are supposedly repressed….but when was the last time Duke was outraged when his KKK buddies were lynching African-Americans and Jews alike?

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