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Threats coming from Soviet Russia’s allies, such as the Islamo-Nazi Republic of Iran as an example or from neo-Communist states in Latin America.

Evil Empire/Paul Qaeda Round Ups: If Leftists Believe Burning The Koran Is A Crime Then Why Not Say The Same For Burning The Bible Edition

Posted by mah29001 on May 1, 2012

Nope, you won’t hear the same cries of bigotry from the far left if there were a day called “Burn the Bible Day”.  Nope, you would NOT hear an ounce of condemnation from the far left, some of them may even participate in burning the Bible over the Koran.  Why am I talking about this again?  Terry Jones is again in the news today, and guess who the far left would agree with in condemning Jones for burning the Koran….the Islamic government of Iran obviously is condemning Jones, but hey these are the same people who are about to put a pastor to death for converting away from Islam, and even known to put people to death for just a mere insult of Islam.

When will the Southern Poverty Law Center start to put anti-Christian, Atheist groups on their “hate map” if they are so concern whenever someone like Terry Jones ends up burning a holy text that it’s an obvious hate crime?  Nope, don’t count on the Southern Poverty Law Center to even do something like that.  Anyway, here’s more on the Evil Empire/Paul Qaeda Round Ups:

  • While the Workers’ World Party cheers on the upcoming May Day rallies, they continue to defend hardline Red Chinese Maoist ideologue Bo Xilai, even though his son was caught driving an expensive Porsche car, along with being able to go to a wealthy Ivy League school.  And Communists say they’re for the 99 percent how?
  • wRONg Paul’s friends at LewRockwell.com continue to support the Taliban as the “resistance”.
  • It’s quite funny how Iranian-state run media are pushing material that Alex Jones routinely promotes about the USA being a “Fascist” state and how he should state that his supporters should vote for wRONg Paul.
  • The Leftist Indymedia.org is praising libels against the Jews.
  • You know it’s rather getting old whenever the far left continues to blurp out how Nazism is “right-wing” even though the neo-Nazis themselves admit like those in the American Nazi Party most recently say they are NOT RIGHT-WING from the horse’s mouth.
  • Russia, just like China is playing both sides with South Sudan and the main Sudanese government.  South Sudan is made up of many “former” main government Sudanese military leaders whom “rebelled” against their counterparts.  It’s quite the obvious the Red Chinese and the Russians are playing both sides here, and it’s so the obvious they’re encouraging the Sudanese Ambassador to Iran to spill libels about the Jews being the “ones” behind it all.
  • Western Nepmen mobile companies are obviously being comprimised when they’re outsourcing to China, as the Red Chinese are helping Communist governments like Angola take further control over their own people’s daily lives.
  • Surprise, surprise, members of the Communist Party USA are praising their Sudanese Comrades in the Sudanese Communist Party as being the “sole leaders” among the Sudanese “dissidents”, an one wonders why Russia and China are playing both sides here…

And ending the Evil Empire/Paul Qaeda Round Ups, it seems that David Duke admires the anti-Semitic cartoons of Carlos Latuff, a vile pro-Communist Leftist whose cartoons were featured by David Duke’s friends in the Iranian government featuring the WTC towers as Iraq and Palestine, and the two planes Israel and the USA.  Gee, and David Duke likes playing the “patriot card” when he criticizes AIPAC for “spying” against the USA?

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Fact Or Fiction: This Is How We End It? With The USA Stuck Under A Hole

Posted by mah29001 on April 8, 2011

Just using the Total Drama series as a reference to the video above….

….think about it….why let the following happen in the USA:

  • Distrust of U.S. government (but propaganda outlets from other governments are fine).
  • Distrust of being patriotic to one’s country, instead depict those whom are patriotic to be Christian fundalmentalists.
  • Respect enemies on the battlefield more than the troops.
  • Rewriting American history so much that it’s a lie.
  • Let immigration go out of control.
  • Have many major U.S. leaders not mind sticking up for enemy propaganda outlets like Russia Today.
  • Attack on religion, which happens to be the more dominant religion, i.e. Christianity, but call those who attack radical Islam to be “bigots” and “Islamophobes”.
  • Endorse “peace activists” like Cindy Sheehan and others who not mind sticking up for the enemy.
  • Let our wars help out our enemies like Iran, Russia and China.

If anyone believes in any of these themes, are they that idiotic to let their own civilization collapse?  Are they that stupid and blind not to realize that they are dooming themselves?  Maybe when they end up like cave people again, let’s hope they regret this….

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If The Southern Poverty Law Center Really Cared About Extremist Views And Hate Groups

Posted by mah29001 on February 26, 2011

…maybe they can solve this riddle to why Russia Today and the Ron Paul bots repeat the lies of every Islamic radical into blaming Jews for everything?  But no…they target anti-Jihad groups instead.

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Useful Idiots: Russia Lecturing The USA To “Split” Al-Qaeda And The Taliban?

Posted by mah29001 on February 12, 2011

So why does it seem like Obama will be following Russia’s “recommendations” in doing this?

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Who Does Russia Today Try To Blame The Recent Jihad Attack On The Russian Airport?

Posted by mah29001 on January 25, 2011

Not the Chechen Jihadi Cultists who have been receiving support from Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Islamic governments…

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Useful Idiots: India’s “Right-wing” Party Kowtows To The Red Chinese

Posted by mah29001 on January 20, 2011

Oh indeed, India’s “right-wing” party known as the Bharatiya Janata Party has been heavily involved in supporting the Red Chinese.  One must really wonder why India is pulling out of Kashmir…is it because the Red Chinese are paying them off to do so?

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Evil Empire Round Up: Russia Today Hijacks Martin Luther King Jr.’s Message

Posted by mah29001 on January 18, 2011

And at the same time, they also accuse others of doing the same thing…but I am pretty sure they won’t mention that Dr. King was pro-Israel or that he wouldn’t support Islamic Jihad against Israel which is what Russia Today endorses.

Here is more on the Evil Empire Round Up;

  • Isn’t this the obvious that is quite familiar scene?  The Indian government has placed a time table where Indian troops are going to withdraw from Kashmir, and Pakistani propagandists are taking note on that.
  • How ironic that Russia Today is ignoring the opposition to the Russian government, at the same time it accuses others of hijacking Dr. King’s message?  Are they aware that the opposition leader was released on Dr. MLK Jr. Day?
  • It seems the Hamas terror group is relying on help from not just Russia, but also Germany in mediation against Israel.  Yet their propaganda mills like VeteransToday.com suggests the Joos “run” the West.
  • Even though it seems the new movie the Green Hornet doesn’t have any obvious Leftist influences…why is its director Michel Gondry a fan of Noam Chomsky?  And yet…Chomsky is the same hypocrite and parasite who desires Socialism to be Evangelized in the United States…but never mind that Hollywood which is doing well under Capitalism will make an animated documentary on him.
  • Surprise, look who else is praising the riots in Tunisia….members of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), especially the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine well known to have taken credit for 9/11 only to hold it back so that U.S.-led forces would be entrapped in quagmire wars.  I wonder if the Tunisian riots were instigated by WikiLeaks how can those who claim falsely that Israel “controls” WikiLeaks then defend that claim?  Oh, speaking of the Tunisian riots, it seems that al-Qaeda wants to train child soldiers.

And ending this Evil Empire Round Up, it seems like Max Blumenthal is indeed sounding like al-Qaeda’s unofficial spokesman whom repeats their every lie to suggest that the USA is against Islam…at the same time the terrorists say their religion is the one against the United States and other Western countries.  How is it likely that someone like Max Blumenthal can be the obvious traitor here in demonizing his own country to be a crusader against Islam…but at the same time stick up for those who use Islam as a ruse to attack the United States and justifying their wars?  Really, if there isn’t an example enough here of levying war against your own country to what Blumenthal is doing…I do not know what is anymore since it’s quite sadly apparent that today’s patriot is sadly tomorrow’s next villain.

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Crazy Kim Gets Endorsed By Ahmadinejad

Posted by mah29001 on December 24, 2010

As very typical of someone like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who has helped Crazy Kim’s regime in its nuclear program in the past, it’s not a big surprise to see he has taken Crazy Kim’s side.  And yet we’re also going to give Ahmadinejad the same brand of failed talks that allowed North Korea to gain strength?

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Evil Empire/Obama Nation Round Ups: Don’t START With Me Edition

Posted by mah29001 on December 21, 2010

And featuring a hypothetical/fictional event of the Soviet Union/Russian Federation now invading the USA in Command and Conquer Red Alert 2.  There has been recent disappointment with a certain Scott Brown prepared to be voting for the START Treaty, promoted by both Republican and Democrat administrations alike as a ruse to appease the Soviet Union in the hopes that they’d “not” arm themselves even while they get to arm all their puppets like Iran and Venezuela.  But apparently there is very little or no debate on that.  And the John Birch Society which complained about Scott Brown being a “neo-Conservative” seems to agree with them when it comes to disarming the USA against its foes.

Here’s more on the Evil Empire/Obama Nation Round Ups:

  • It sadly sounds like the old Massachusetts Tea Party favorite Scott Brown is just another flip-flopper from Massachusetts.  He has recently agreed with the Obama administration to disarming the USA as a ruse to appease Russia.  Is this why Obama seems to be getting his agenda across?  With so-called moderate Republicans like Scott Brown?
  • And of course, the Obama administration just still won’t surrender the so-called DREAM Act.  It’s funny how most student unions encourage their members to vote Democrat and even cause mini-riots when demanding a lower tuition fees…but they are oddly NOT complaining about the Obama administration caring more about illegal immgirants.
  • Thanks to WikiLeaks (which is btw NOT controlled by Israel as suggested by anti-Semitic websites like VeteransToday.com) is now being used in pro-Jihadi propaganda against India.
  • It seems that “moderate” Fatah is behind attacking indigenous Arab tribes in the Sinai region of Egypt.  Yet why is it that the Egyptian government isn’t doing anything about it?  And speaking of the same “moderate” Palestinian group, three of its members were arrested by Israeli forces allegedly plotting terrorist attacks against Israel and instigating riots through Palestinian Communist/Leftist solidarity front groups.
  • And it seems that Gordon Duff is indeed very busy rubbing elbows with a self-hating Jew known as Gilad Atzmon who is also a French national and a former Israeli national who has close ties to France’s neo-Fascist movements that are highly anti-Semitic.  Aside from associating himself with French anti-Semites and neo-Fascists, this self-hating Jew was also praised by holocaust denier Ernst Zundel who is well known to have his propaganda circulated among neo-Nazi groups.
  • It seems that governments that supported radical Islam such as Libya and Egypt were indeed playing both sides by first trying to support Omar al-Bashir in protecting him from charges of genocide, at the same time possibly arming Sudanese “rebel” groups affiliated with the Sudanese Communist Party?  No wonder these Sudanese “rebels” didn’t let the USA enter to play.
  • And I am pretty sure the same Leftists who referred reports of Jihadis preparing attacks during the Christmas holidays will likely only try to point out to this story as an excuse to only suggest that non-Muslim terrorists can use their religion to implement attacks…but never mind past events during the holiday season where Islamic Jihadi terrorists did try to do those things too.

And ending this Evil Empire/Obama Nation Round Ups, it seems that the U.S. media is asleep in failing to note that a former Russian spy who was caught on her spy mission is now the head of a pro-Putin youth group known as the Nashis.  And yet why do we still promote the START Treaty to appease Russia with all of this going on?

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More Proof WikiLeaks Isn’t Controlled By Israel…It’s Next Target GITMO…

Posted by mah29001 on December 9, 2010

…that’s indeed right…but don’t tell that to the zombie “anti-Zionist” imbecile known as Gordon Duff who still believes that WikiLeaks founder works for Israeli intelligence.  If that’s the case…why is WikiLeaks targeting GITMO next?  Why is WikiLeaks being praised by the Kremlin-run Russia Today?  Why has WikiLeaks really done little so much in exposing how politicians in the West have been obviously blinded with the sudden resurgence of Communism under the leadership of Vladimir Putin who has been supporting Islamic terrorists and countries like Iran that sponsor them?

If WikiLeaks is controlled by a foreign intelligence agency…it’s not one owned by Israel…

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