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Ernest Zundel’s Wife Continues To Admire Adolf Hitler On VeteransToday.com As A “Good Veteran”

Posted by mah29001 on July 29, 2013

Yea, imagine if Gordon Duff had the same kind of will power that Hitler had, he’d indeed create a National Socialist USA, just like the way Hitler did with Germany which Ernest Zundel’s wife is so fond of. And on top of that, it’s very scary to see this site get five stars from its brainless readers where some admit they are avowed Jew-haters like Gordon Duff himself!

Gordon Duff certainly wants to create another neo-Nazi party, just minus the obvious neo-Nazi symbols….

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Don’t Expect The Teachers Unions To Be Fans Of Bobby Jindal

Posted by mah29001 on December 29, 2009

He obviously wants to literally go after bad teachers and also go against the policy of No Child Left Behind.

Hmm, no wonder why Dubya and Ted Kennedy agreed with that type of government intervention.

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Democrats Hate Immigrant Families If They Bore A Republican To Be That Is

Posted by mah29001 on June 1, 2009

It would seem like the far left wing of the Democratic Party obviously hates immigrant families, that is only if they bore a Republican-rising star to be such as a certain Bobby Jindal whose parents came from India.  A previous post of a phony, non-partisan anti-Jindal group has recently surfaced on FaceBook has really been exposed overtly as a group to demonize, deconstruct and redicule Jindal before voters get to have their say on what they think about his policies.

On the group’s wall, one can see there is one particular Leftist that would like to see Jindal deported back to India.  Even though he was legally born in this country.  The racist Leftist whom promoted that comment goes by the name of Darshan Patel, whom outright hates Jindal.  Then there is the Leftist Philippe Landry, whom suggest how Jindal’s a “Fascist”.  Yet Jindal has never once promoted an obvious Fascist policy at all.  Have these dolts ever read the Fascist Manifesto?  The Fascist Manifesto really sounds more like a lite version of the Communist Manifesto has to offer, because a certain Benito Mussolini was a former Italian socialist whom worked for the newspaper of the Italian Socialist Party known for its well close collaboration with the Italian Communist Party.

Other Leftists on the anti-Jindal group’s wall complain that Jindal and other Republicans are criticizing Obama too much.  Didn’t they obviously made a similar complaint of a certain former President known as George W. Bush being arrogant and being able to do what he pleases without criticism?  What hypocrites these fools look.  And also, there seems to be a Leftist whom thinks Jindal is a Mexican even though the idiotic racist Leftist can’t seem to figure out that Jindal’s Indian, not Mexican.  So now these Leftists would also be racist against an Hispanic American if they were Republican?  I thought the Left were preachers of “multiculturalism”?  Only when non-whites go their way I guess.  Oh btw, on the same thread there’s a Leftist going by the name of Brian K Overall, referring Jindal as an “Uncle Tom”.  Just like how these same dolts referred a certain Colin Powell that hateful brand of terminology before he decided to cave to support Obama.

Then these very same rabid racist Leftists are criticizing Jindal for not being Hindu, which a majority of Indians are Hindus.  The idiotic, rabid racist Leftist whom made that comment was Vatan Ki Yaad.  Think of what these people say when they complain about Obama’s middle name, and Obama being trained in an Islamic school in Indonesia.  They have more complaints about that to Republicans or right-wing bloggers whom point that out.  But when it’s someone like Jindal, it’s okay to be racist against Jindal and criticize his religious background.  So long as Jindal remains a Republican that is.

It would certainly seem the Anti-Bobby Jindal group has allowed racist comments about Jindal’s racial background and religion to be criticized, while pretending to be a non-partisan anti-Jindal group.  They are overtly liars when it comes to that.  Think if such a group were propped up on FaceBook, only criticizing Obama’s race and religion, and not his policies.  That’s what critics of Jindal and Obama should focus on.  But it seems the Anti-Bobby Jindal group, being the obvious front for far left Democratic “Progressives” doesn’t seem to mind that.

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Phony Non-Partisan Anti-Bobby Jindal Group Surfaces On FaceBook

Posted by mah29001 on May 30, 2009

Seems like the far left don’t want a certain Bobby Jindal to run for office either in 2012 or 2016.  It would seem that an anti-Bobby Jindal group has already surfaced on FaceBook.  It’s titled the Anti-Bobby Jindal.  It has a deceptive message of it trying to disguise itself of being non-partisan with the opening message:

“This group is against Governor Bobby Jindal holding a public office of any kind whatsoever. It welcomes anyone across the political spectrum ( Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents) to join, speak out, network, communicate and otherwise figure out the best way to accomplish this goal.

There is speculation Governor Jindal may run for President in 2012 or 2016, and this group will oppose him if he decides to move in such a direction. This group maintains that he is a demagogue. George Washington warned us to guard ourselves against the impostures of pretended patriotism.

Bobby Jindal is a dangerous American figure in that he does not support the Constitution and is a theocratic in nature as he strongly support teaching creationism in the science classroom. His theocratic agenda is treasonous, not conservative or any in way likened to that of a classic liberal. Again his character is that of a demagogue. It is also well known that he holds a bigoted stance against homosexuals.

So it’s understood:

Jindal voted yes on making the unconstitutional PATRIOT Act permanent.

Jindal voted in favor of the 2006 Military Commissions Act, supported a constitutional amendment banning flag burning.

Jindal voted for the Real ID Act of 2005.

Jindal Supports creationism taught in schools as science (not theology) which violates the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution. He signed a bill into law as Governor of Louisiana which was lobbied by the out of state theocracy supporting anti-science group “Discovery Institute”

Main Entry: Dem·a·gogue
Function: noun
1 : a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power

This group is to be vehicle for those who oppose any candidacy of Bobby Jindal, so please join, & speak out!


But from what the opening statement of this group tries to paint itself as non-partisan, already there is a topic on the group itself stating that Republicans in general are more “idiotic” and “dangerous” to the USA than ever before.  The hapless likely Leftist shill known as Alejandro Armando Otero Caicedo openly referred the Ronald Reagan Administration to be on the lines of Adolf Hitler, and the Republican Party platform on the line of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.  This FaceBook group is trying to fool people that it’s non-partisan in trying to get people to go against Bobby Jindal?  Sounds like a far left false flag group (stealing term from 9/11 “Truthers”), to get voters to not likely vote for a particular candidate for the 2012 race.

Well, this anti-Bobby Jindal, phony non-partisan group doesn’t fool me.

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The Far Left Using Tragic And Potential Tragic Scenarios Against Bobby Jindal

Posted by mah29001 on April 9, 2009

This is quite typical here of the far left to certainly take what someone says out of context.  In this case, the far left have gone crazy over Bobby Jindal voicing his opposition to government funded monitoring volocanos and earthquakes as pork.  It seems the far left didn’t like that, and are obviously exploiting real and potential tragedies to promote their own political agenda.  In the recent horrible earthquake in Italy, rabid Leftists have attacked Jindal’s opposition to promote government monitoring of volcanos and other hazards that appear underneath the Earth such as earthquakes.

The same far left is also exploiting the volcano eruption going on in Alaska.  Hoping that those whom face such disasters would be ousted from power.  How is it quite typical that the far left would likely condone such horrible disasters like this if it meant getting rid of your opposition?  Remember, this is the same far left whom shilled for hurricanes to hit Lousiana during the 2008 Republican National Convention which good thing, the far left’s wishes didn’t come true that the hurricaines that were forming didn’t manifest into something larger.

It seems here, the far left wouldn’t mind losing so many lives in natural disasters, if it meant to put them ahead into power and getting rid of their opposition for good.  How horrible does this really seem to be?

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PETA Wishes For Boddy Jindal To Waste Tax Payer Money On Turning Slaughter House Into Chicken Empathy Museum

Posted by mah29001 on March 15, 2009

Now what the heck is wrong with PETA?  It seems that PETA which has often upgraded animals to being humans are trying to lobby Bobby Jindal to waste his time and tax payer money in changing a local slaughterhouse of chickens into a Chicken Empathy Museum, something on the lines of a Holocaust Memorial Museum for chickens.  But how the heck can chickens be like humans?

Why should tax payers waste their time and money on something as worthless as this?  PETA, in the past has often promoted this kind of propaganda, which even upset Jews whom survived the holocaust along with also trying to equal slaughterhouses to slavery as well.  All PETA wishes to do is certainly promote stealth Nazi-like animal welfare laws and measures such as this, which also include the end of kosher slaughter that is not only promoted by PETA and other “animal rights” groups, but also by rabid neo-Nazi and neo-Fascist groups as well.

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A Leftie Responds To A Video Attacking Bobby Jindal For Being Somewhat Fiscally Responsible; Uses Racist Tones Against Indians

Posted by mah29001 on March 15, 2009

It’s always interesting that the far left whom shilled for Obama accused anyone whom criticized the man of being a “racist” just because he happens to be black.  Well, now comes a YouTuber Leftie going by the user name of asuperdemo1, whom is being upset that Jindal at least is being somewhat fiscally responsible in not using part of the “stimulus” money for the unemployed in his state.

Here are asuperdemo1’s horrible, and quite frankly racist comments about Indians:

“This ignorant snake charmin motherfucker just shot his untouchable Indian curry eatin ass in the foot. “

Apparently, if there had been a critic of Obama during the 2008 election campaign whom would make a similar comment about blacks, I’m sure MSM would be all over that particular critic in question.  Yet here, it seems that a rabid Leftist like asuperdemo1 can be able to promote racist comments about Indians, when Bobby Jindal at least tries to be fiscally responsible.

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What Happens When Conservatives And Rightists Are Hoodwinked By David Brooks?

Posted by mah29001 on February 26, 2009

It seems like Conservatives in general are being hoodwinked by David Brooks, whom recently attacked Bobby Jindal’s speech.  While your resident blogger thought the Governor’s speech was good, perhaps the audio should have been better so that he can deliever it.  Yet this has not stopped Brooks from even managing to hoodwink Rightist blogs such as Hot Air, and also other right-wing pundits.  But here’s where Brooks’ alteral motives get a bit suspicious here.

He’s asking for the Republican Party to move away from its ideological base, and abandon the values of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater.  So what’s Brooks’ solution?  Be more like the Democrats whom have been subverted over to the point where their Blue Dog counterparts can not get any fair share?  Apparnetly, it seems to Brooks, that’s just alright for Republicans to be more overtly like far left Democrats.  Aside from that, there are also allegations that Brooks might be privately anti-Semitic as he referred the CFR-sponsored Project for the New American Century to be the “Yiddish Trilateral Commission”.

If Brooks has indeed a better solution than Obama, and can deliever it better than Jindal, where the heck is HIS solution?

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Ignoramous Attacks Bobby Jindal; Suggest He’s “Awlful”

Posted by mah29001 on November 11, 2008

This is what Bobby Jindal can expect in a 2012 race on how Leftists would compare Jindal to Sarah Palin.  Just simply disgraceful on how the media became such a big shill for an Obama victory.  The ignoramous who attacked Jindal-Andrew Tobolowsky is is such a big government shill on top of that.

The only thing that’ll change under Obama, is how big government’s going to get which is what the pro-big government types certainly hope it is.  Tobolowsky, is a major big shill for something as awlful, and horrible like this.

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