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Flashback: Vladimir Putin Praises Former Israeli President Moshe Katsav’s Sexual Behavior….#Pizzagate Angle Tied To “Former” KGB Operatives?

Posted by mah29001 on February 19, 2017

Why would Vlad be so eager to praise the former Israeli President who was tried for rape?  That’s still a possibility within Trump’s first term that the Clinton political machine could go down, unless if they made sacrifices like forcing Anthony Weiner and others to turn themselves in but that’s unlikely since they’re also involved.

This is the angle no one who is a proponent of the #pizzagate theory is looking into, the Russian connection.  Why was #CrookedHillary so eager to bomb Russia?  Russia probably knows of the sexual activities of foreign leaders, especially her husband Bill’s.  I’d speculate that if she became President and bombed the heck out of Russia, and screw Israel by emboldening Iran with nuclear weapons it would cover up her husband’s sexual deeds especially with underage children aside from adult age foreign prostitutes.

The Wikileaks email via Podesta email dump indeed did the trick in stopping her in her tracks, when she hunts down mistresses she’s bound to become careless in her act.

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Everything The Left Has Stated About The “Alt-Right” Has Been False Thus Far

Posted by mah29001 on February 18, 2017

And how much could they be wrong about #pizzagate? There were pedo busts in two states of Texas and California in the hundreds, California over 400 and in Texas, over 700.  An east coast Democrat with ties to Hillary Clinton was also arrested and his businesses shutdown by the Feds.

The term “alt-right” by the Left was really peddled by #CrookedHillary as a ruse to blame someone if she lost the election which she indeed did.  The Left then, therefore have to be wrong on #pizzagate, but it may not be what conspirators think the conspiracy might be.  There are even some proponents of the conspiracy believing that Trump is allegedly involved via Jeffrey Epstein.

But these are some of the same people who blame Israel, but not wonder why Epstein hired Russian prostitutes which the Kremlin would have knowledge about.  In other words, it’s really Russia that’s benefiting from this game, not Israel and not Saudi Arabia.  Why would the Clintons then pander to the Red Chinese who are also in on this?

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Former Paulbots Behind The Israel #Pizzagate Theory; Ignore Russia Has Data On The Clintons

Posted by mah29001 on February 17, 2017

Now really, if Israel were somehow behind it, where and why haven’t they cited any government documents pointing to that area? There is one country that probably knows Jeffrey Epstein’s behavior and that is Russia, you’d think if Epstein is somehow involved with Israel, Israel would know more about Epstein but instead he goes straight to Moscow, Russia for matchmaking services, NOT Israel.

Which makes me wonder are former Paulbots behind the #pizzagate=Israel affiliation?  I’m sure the answer is yes, many of them were are former supporters of Dr. Paul who widely was known to print anti-Semitic propaganda in the 90’s with his newsletter.  Epstein was more likely compromised by Russia, not Israel.  Though I contend why the Clintons are after Russia, is that Russia wants to threaten to release the data it has on them if they don’t follow the Kremlin line.

Which explains why the Clintons are entrenched with all of these Communist front groups trying to oust Trump.  That ANGLE makes much more sense than throwing in Israel.  Unless if they can come across any sort of documents if this conspiracy is true or somewhat true, or if it is true and it’s NOT Israel they’ll have to own up on their theory for good.

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Barack Hussein Obama Must Be Jailed For Sedition!

Posted by mah29001 on February 16, 2017

And be executed!

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Leftist Salon.com Peddles California Seceding From The Union

Posted by mah29001 on February 13, 2017

Do they realize that you cannot do this without guns, an independent energy policy and also actual giving a damn about economics???

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The Left Doesn’t Have Their Own Tea Party Movement, No I’m Sorry

Posted by mah29001 on February 12, 2017

This is just another part of their temper tantrum why they lost last November and why they’re not learning why they lost.  If they were smart, they’d not be forming mobs and they’d actually be doing some thinking to protect themselves in 2018 which they’ll certainly lose big with Elizabeth Warren going bye, bye.

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Surprise! Fake News Media Makes Up Theories Of #Pizzagate Believers Targeting Random Pizza Restaurants

Posted by mah29001 on February 12, 2017

Which isn’t really true, I’ve looked at these theories and only a few affiliated with the Clintons are mentioned, not any others. You wonder why trying to drum this up now? It’s a diversion from the fake news media to defend the Clintons and the actual fronts involved, not just regular pizza restaurants.

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What Is Wider Than #Pizzagate….

Posted by mah29001 on February 12, 2017

….the pedophile rings are just part of the problem…the elites are involved in OTHER illegal activities aside from that.  Bilking insurance companies, paying off corrupt trial attorneys and so forth.

It is much wider, broader and scarier than previously thought.  It will in fact if the arrests turn out to be true, Donald J. Trump will secure himself a 2nd term and possible 3rd term should the desperate globalists incite civil unrest that would initiate an emergency executive order.

#Pizzagate is just the tip of the iceberg….

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Barack Hussein Obama Needs To Be Arrested For Sedition And Treason

Posted by mah29001 on February 12, 2017

And his Organizing for America (Himself) should go with him, I’ve had enough of this nonsense. If the Trump administration is being sabotaged from Republican RINO globalists within, then We the People will rise up and arrest the traitors and put them to death ourselves!

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Spot The Fake News: CNN Blames President Trump For Security Threats Against Judges

Posted by mah29001 on February 11, 2017

But never mind all the “protests” from the Left and by “moderate” Muslim groups if they don’t follow the line at all because it would become actual news if that were the case

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