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Ilhan Omar The Manchurian Candidate Of The Left Backed By “Former” Somali Communists And The Communist Bloc

Posted by mah29001 on July 29, 2019

Why on Earth with someone who has involved herself in two marriage scandals is suddenly rising to the top of the American Left as a rising star aside from the rest of the Squad members?  It would have to mean some foreign intelligence agency is backing her and will try to keep her there for the time being.

Her father being exposed for working for the notorious Siad Barre regime exposes that Barre’s own intelligence agencies were backing many people like Ilhan into the Western world as “refugees”, sort of a special sort of a sleeper cell if one were to put it.  Ilhan’s “former” Communist background is much more blatant than even Obama’s even though Obama’s own wife Michelle has gone to embrace Ilhan Omar after Trump’s tweet about her and the other Squad members.

What is the Left and her “former” Somali Communist comrades are trying to do for her?  Get her a Nobel Peace Prize by faking unity among the Somalis especially when their leaders are made up of “former” Communists themselves?  That would be a snub towards the US and towards its alliances such as NATO and Africon in the region if this is likely in motion or something similar in motion.

It’s no wonder why the American Left have lauded her as a hero against Trump, while falsely depicting Trump and the Republicans of being “Russian puppets”, even when they’re accepting many “former” Communists into their ranks.  Ilhan Omar being one of them aside from the other three Squad members.  This cannot end well for America if Ilhan is able to snub America, and it won’t end well for anyone innocent in Somalia if there’s a new Communist government in place….

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