Zionism's Survival: Surviving Under The Coming Nazi Regime

Details the rise of Anti-Semitism Under The New Form "Anti-Zionism"; Revival of Nazism Under Reinvented Terms

End Times: Evidence Possibly Pointing Anti-Christ Could Be A “Former” Communist Russian “Jew”…

Posted by mah29001 on March 31, 2019

…not likely the other leaders on the world stage at the very moment though are still considered prime candidates to become the Anti-Christ until something else happens with their careers. Vladimir Putin has taken interest in supporting Israel as of early of last year.

It makes me wonder how many “former” Russian Communists are living in Israel pretending to be Jews…is one of them being groomed to become a false Messiah?  And ascend the third temple?  Perhaps all of those warnings with Christianity’s end time game are not far off either.

The “former” Communists and the covert Communists are conspiring to put a false idol as the head of the third temple…that’s precisely what’s going on…

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