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The Left’s Active Measures…

Posted by mah29001 on October 30, 2018

…sometimes there’s a double meaning to their own documentaries….the Left try to assert Trump is a Russian asset because of his bankruptcy in the early 90’s…however have they produced evidence such as Trump’s own tax returns or even leaking them to the public??? The only real reason IRS would demand to have an audit of your taxes if you borrow too much without giving anything back…

…that would be the first key to debunking whether or not Trump is involved or not…the Left in my opinion have a much darker theme at play…pretend to be against Putin, the Communist leader, then try to get Trump assassinated to instigate a Communist Revolution with a weaken Pence Presidency and compromised members of the Federal government….

…I’m still going to watch this “documentary” with skepticism, the Left cannot have it both ways by ignoring Russia as a threat under Obama then claim to be our champions and patriots of this country when they lose an election…you just cannot have it both ways….especially when the Communist Party USA still backs your active measures…..

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