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Obama And His Thugs Are Using A Communist Insurgency Strategy Against Trump

Posted by mah29001 on August 14, 2017

This is from the election last year…now add that with Obama being a Soviet mole and what happened in Virginia earlier this weekend…think about what Obama is doing to Trump and his people in dividing and conquering the American public.  Although there has been shootings in the case of Steve Scalise, Obama’s people haven’t gone under a more militant style of armed conflict just yet whether it be Maoist, Trotskyist or Stalinist, Leninist style manner….

…I sadly speculate that could happen in this country with them being led by Obama himself in the hopes to propel himself as President again instead of someone else like #CrookedHillary which she has become more of a figurehead for their #Resistance than an actual leader consider her husband really never believed in their ideals when he was President such as the gay ban in the military and so forth.

Obama wants himself a third term badly and he’s using his people to foment violence to do so….


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