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Bacha Bazi Boys = Transgender/Gender Neutral Men On The Left

Posted by mah29001 on August 5, 2017

Just think about it, why are Leftist parents encouraging their kids especially boys to become transgender/gender neutral??? The term Bacha Bazi comes to mind which is what wealthy Muslims hope to achieve in conquering the Western world by turning the men into play things at a young age.

Why else would the extreme Left pander to the Muslims so much?  So this could be a reality to them, when their European Islamic supremacist terrorist groups come over here.  Banning them from entering from Syria, Iraq and other hot spots won’t work, because they’ll just setup terrorist groups in safe places like Western Europe which is what’s going to happen.

The Left indeed will ensure easier access from the USA and Western Europe if that ends up becoming the case if they can’t succeed with Syria, Libya or any other hot spot Obama created with the “Arab Spring”.

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