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The FBI’s Bizarre Cover Up Of The Scalise Shooting??? Covering Up Obama’s Tracks???

Posted by mah29001 on June 24, 2017

The biggest scandal in modern US history would be #ObamaGate for such a bizarre cover up to happen. #ObamaGate is perhaps the biggest cover up in itself with Uncle Sam trying to cover up Obama’s past of being a Communist and also a “former” Muslim since he grew up with Islam in Indonesia.

What #ObamaGate is about is the formation of riots targeting your opponents, using your race to attack your opponents as “racist”, and also standing up to supporting Islam and Communist ideals which he has been doing for the past 8 years and much longer than before that.  #ObamaGate could be bigger than the scandal the Clinton Foundation is in, although both scandals can bring down the entire US government altogether.

What #ObamaGate is all about is letting in a possible foreign spy to become President of the USA, whether or not he’s born here or not or if he was, he has more empathy towards the third world such as the Communist bloc and Muslim countries.  It is a grave embarrassment for Uncle Sam to let in someone who still thinks he can wield power, that he can bully the opposition still while he’s no longer in office and while his people can start as many riots as they want to with no consequences to their actions.

#ObamaGate is one major scandal that’d rock this country to the very core, when people think you’re the first non-white President elected, you’re duty is supposed to unite the rest of the country like all the other Presidents have even standing out in bringing unity, but has Obama ever done that before Trump?  Hardly, why did he declare Trayvon Martin to be his son, versus just asking for unity?  His own background doesn’t fit Trayvon Martin’s own background.

It’s going to be one major scandal that’s shake this country forever….and sadly it may only end until Obama’s death or his incarceration in jail…..


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