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When Will Those Who Promote The #Resistance Face The Barrel Of A Gun?

Posted by mah29001 on June 23, 2017

I’m done with this shit of Leftists hoping Donald Trump gets assassinated, are they really asking that they themselves find them in a situation where the barrel of a gun is targeting them instead???

You filthy Leftists have had your fun under Obama, you think by calling yourselves the #Resistance makes yourself one?  The Confederacy came up with a better resistance even though I disagree with their history against Abe Lincoln because they had an actual army to show for, all you idiots who are part of the #Resistance are just pretending to sound tough but really deep down, are outright cowards who need to be shown the door.

The Confederacy had the means and the planning for a Civil War, you idiots on the Left really are quite the poor planners especially with the election last year with #CrookedHillary, no plan b in case she lost?  Really?????????


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