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Are We There Yet Or Are We Here Yet? America In A Civil War Stage Again With The American Left Spearheading It

Posted by mah29001 on June 18, 2017

That depends on who you talk to and how people would feel about it, the American Left wants a civil war, a conflict, but unlike the Democrats of the past who did have an army being the Confederate army, they have no army. Only a goon squad which isn’t up to standards, the Confederates were well trained and were ready and waiting to take a fort from the Union Army being their first major battle and victory…

…and what does the American Left have instead?  Communists?  Aging hippies?  Anarchists?  No son, that’s not an army that’s well trained…it sounds like it will end quickly and with such force many of them would go to jail unlike their Confederate counterparts that did have a strategy in place.

These are the same people that declared #CrookedHillary would win and they had no back up plan if they had lost the election, whereas the Republicans always had a backup plan in place should Trump have lost the 2016 election or anything else happened to him during his administration such as impeachment or him stepping down on his own.

The Left wants a civil war but without a major plan, JUST LIKE with their lose of Team #CrookedHillary in 2016….go figure you can’t fix fucking stupid…


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