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Unhinged DNC Chairman: Trump Never Won The Election!

Posted by mah29001 on March 31, 2017

I’m tired of this seditious crap the Democrats are pulling. It would be very fitting to ban all Democratic organizations, front groups and Soros fronts even if they’re Republican. I’m sick of this damn behavior.

The Left needs to feel this outrage from average Americans, it’s going to be April, sadly many of us would wish the Left hoping for war with Russia was only an April Fool’s joke because #CrookedHillary lost in November.  That isn’t the case, these people are NOT Americans, they are a Fifth Column working against American interest.

How the hell did Obama get a “B” rating for his first 100 days in office versus one out of three American voters give Trump an “F”?  Maybe it’s because they haven’t gotten over #CrookedHillary losing in November, not even withstanding Trump’s own failure with using #LyingRyan to stop the “Affordable” Care Act.

But hey, these fools are going to take us to World War 3 if they have their way if Trump gets impeached, they don’t care, but we do care.  They need to be BROUGHT DOWN BY FORCE if necessary.


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