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Why I Don’t Think Donald Trump Is Involved In #Pizzagate As A Perpetrator

Posted by mah29001 on March 17, 2017

There’d have been massive censorship for crying out loud if that were the case, whether it was this Katie Johnson the Democrats pushed during last year’s election or this new attorney for Labor Secretary that wants the job, there has been no similar mass censorship of Pizzagate researchers when it comes in regards to that.

Versus if you dare talk about John Podesta’s relative Brian on Twitter or openly on Facebook, you should expect your post or tweet to be deleted soon enough.  Now why on Earth has that never happened on Trump’s side for those who accuse Trump of being involved in #Pizzagate?

Oh wait, maybe it’s because he isn’t involved as a perpetrator, he may have had affiliations with the perpetrators in the past like Bill Clinton, but that’s not even censored.  Hmm, maybe it’s because he’s NOT a perpetrator and a culprit!  Unlike John Podesta and his relatives whom have affiliations with well known social media organizations like Twitter and know people in high places like those of the Washington Post who have hired him as a “journalist”.

Pizzagate Angela was censored and banned twice from Twitter for ever mentioning this, versus any similar Pizzagate researcher that’s on her side that details someone who just happens to be affiliated with Trump that wants a job in his administration.  Hmm, no censorship?  No demanding to delete that tweet there?  I wonder why?  Cause um, maybe he’s not really involved???


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