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The Jeff Sessions/Wiretapping Episode A Distraction From David Pye’s Arrest?

Posted by mah29001 on March 5, 2017

He worked for the Clinton Foundation in Haiti and now he’s been arrested on child molestation charges…in Haiti during the 90’s he was originally charged with false documents but the judge in the case didn’t bother to suggest he was involved in human trafficking which could lead to promoting false documents.

But now that David Pye has been arrested again, you really wonder if the Sessions/wiretapping episode is a big time distraction to what’s going on with the Clinton Foundation/#Pizzagate.  If you oust those who are investigating it, or put a big cloud over them, the hopes would be to stall such investigations.

NOT LIKELY, even if Sessions isn’t the one investigating it, he’ll likely appoint local DAs who’d support such investigations which the Federal government would later takeover as a much wider operation which could lead to bigger arrests in the future…


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