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Sorry #Skippy Is Still Weirder Than Milo

Posted by mah29001 on February 24, 2017

Yes, I understand what Milo said was stupid, however the same people who exposed him won’t expose #Skippy, why would the first black President have someone as weird like this on his transition team and why’d someone like #CrookedHillary take him under her wing in 2016?

It makes no sense, from Wikileaks, #Skippy apparently likes weird art depicting child molestation, cannibalism among other degenerate art.  Milo must have been abused by one of them, even if he has developed Stockholm Syndrome and still needs help.  #Skippy on the other hand is still weirder, because he’s being accepted by the #veryfakenews media and most of the American Left who didn’t want to believe any word of Wikileaks or Hillary’s emails being leaked by insiders.

It’d then possibly make sense to why #pizzagate is picking up steam, #Skippy must have been in contact with Anthony Weiner a.k.a. “Carlos Danger” via Weiner’s laptop, that’s the possible angle why Hillary made it so personal after Michael Flynn was let go (for other reasons see the raid in Yemen and mishandling classified documents) because we all know Hillary hates this kind of stuff.  Going back with the antics of her husband’s affairs she’s well known to go after Gennifer Flowers and even other women that her husband had either slept with or raped.

It all adds up, now if #Skippy is indeed guilty of any crimes he might end up being arrested along with Weiner, that’d ruin and cripple the Clinton political machine for decades to come.


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