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Flashback: Vladimir Putin Praises Former Israeli President Moshe Katsav’s Sexual Behavior….#Pizzagate Angle Tied To “Former” KGB Operatives?

Posted by mah29001 on February 19, 2017

Why would Vlad be so eager to praise the former Israeli President who was tried for rape?  That’s still a possibility within Trump’s first term that the Clinton political machine could go down, unless if they made sacrifices like forcing Anthony Weiner and others to turn themselves in but that’s unlikely since they’re also involved.

This is the angle no one who is a proponent of the #pizzagate theory is looking into, the Russian connection.  Why was #CrookedHillary so eager to bomb Russia?  Russia probably knows of the sexual activities of foreign leaders, especially her husband Bill’s.  I’d speculate that if she became President and bombed the heck out of Russia, and screw Israel by emboldening Iran with nuclear weapons it would cover up her husband’s sexual deeds especially with underage children aside from adult age foreign prostitutes.

The Wikileaks email via Podesta email dump indeed did the trick in stopping her in her tracks, when she hunts down mistresses she’s bound to become careless in her act.

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