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Everything The Left Has Stated About The “Alt-Right” Has Been False Thus Far

Posted by mah29001 on February 18, 2017

And how much could they be wrong about #pizzagate? There were pedo busts in two states of Texas and California in the hundreds, California over 400 and in Texas, over 700.  An east coast Democrat with ties to Hillary Clinton was also arrested and his businesses shutdown by the Feds.

The term “alt-right” by the Left was really peddled by #CrookedHillary as a ruse to blame someone if she lost the election which she indeed did.  The Left then, therefore have to be wrong on #pizzagate, but it may not be what conspirators think the conspiracy might be.  There are even some proponents of the conspiracy believing that Trump is allegedly involved via Jeffrey Epstein.

But these are some of the same people who blame Israel, but not wonder why Epstein hired Russian prostitutes which the Kremlin would have knowledge about.  In other words, it’s really Russia that’s benefiting from this game, not Israel and not Saudi Arabia.  Why would the Clintons then pander to the Red Chinese who are also in on this?


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