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Former Paulbots Behind The Israel #Pizzagate Theory; Ignore Russia Has Data On The Clintons

Posted by mah29001 on February 17, 2017

Now really, if Israel were somehow behind it, where and why haven’t they cited any government documents pointing to that area? There is one country that probably knows Jeffrey Epstein’s behavior and that is Russia, you’d think if Epstein is somehow involved with Israel, Israel would know more about Epstein but instead he goes straight to Moscow, Russia for matchmaking services, NOT Israel.

Which makes me wonder are former Paulbots behind the #pizzagate=Israel affiliation?  I’m sure the answer is yes, many of them were are former supporters of Dr. Paul who widely was known to print anti-Semitic propaganda in the 90’s with his newsletter.  Epstein was more likely compromised by Russia, not Israel.  Though I contend why the Clintons are after Russia, is that Russia wants to threaten to release the data it has on them if they don’t follow the Kremlin line.

Which explains why the Clintons are entrenched with all of these Communist front groups trying to oust Trump.  That ANGLE makes much more sense than throwing in Israel.  Unless if they can come across any sort of documents if this conspiracy is true or somewhat true, or if it is true and it’s NOT Israel they’ll have to own up on their theory for good.


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