Zionism's Survival: Surviving Under The Coming Nazi Regime

Details the rise of Anti-Semitism Under The New Form "Anti-Zionism"; Revival of Nazism Under Reinvented Terms

What Is Wider Than #Pizzagate….

Posted by mah29001 on February 12, 2017

….the pedophile rings are just part of the problem…the elites are involved in OTHER illegal activities aside from that.  Bilking insurance companies, paying off corrupt trial attorneys and so forth.

It is much wider, broader and scarier than previously thought.  It will in fact if the arrests turn out to be true, Donald J. Trump will secure himself a 2nd term and possible 3rd term should the desperate globalists incite civil unrest that would initiate an emergency executive order.

#Pizzagate is just the tip of the iceberg….


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