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All The Globalists Are Just That Dumb

Posted by mah29001 on January 22, 2017

They wanted to keep the status quo going in 2016, instead they got a ticked off public who voted against #CrookedHillary.  Countries like Mexico, China, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, etc., they’re all outsourcing based countries that have relied too much on the United States to prop themselves up.

The Left in their hypocritical stance oddly decided they wanted a Crook to become the Policewoman of the World, even though they’re the ones who have often lectured how they were against that concept.  They don’t understand why they lost.  Instead, they focused on frogs and the fictional Alt-Right.  They should have focused on how this country added 19 trillion dollars in debt far more than the last President and how the “Affordable” Care Act wasn’t so affordable in the end.

Especially if your hours were cut and you lost your insurance, when trying to sign up only to find out you didn’t qualify for the premium cuts.  Yep, that happened to me one year in 2015 when my former employer due to financial issues cut my hours.  I was still making too much but still too little for myself.

You fucking spoiled Leftists who hate Capitalism so much should have understood that perhaps Capitalism could have made the premiums more affordable in terms of not forcing people to buy healthcare.  You fucks don’t get it, you lost, you lied about why you lost and for you fucks to go out of your way and try to cause trouble….I WILL MAKE SURE EVERY FUTURE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE WILL HAVE A BAD TIME….WHETHER OR NOT THEY WIN OR NOT….


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