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The Same Students Who Bitch About Raising Tuition Rates Also Want “Social Justice Warrior” Causes To Be Funded

Posted by mah29001 on January 9, 2017

Whether it’s the horrible, anti-white, Black Criminal Liars Matter, to “gender neutral” and to the anti-Israel “Palestinian” cause, those causes are not touched when the UC Regents meet. Nor when any other university top officials ever meet. Why???  Because they’re untouchable.

Oh, let’s not forget how universities fund the illegal concept to promote illegal immigration as well, along with also promoting Native American “studies” so that they could protest Columbus and Thanksgiving Days.  You want tuition rates to be lowered, stop funding fucking Leftist, “social justice warrior” causes.  They are part of the reason why the rates go up, because of fucking crazy intolerant Leftists control everything, from the academia elites to the student governments.  They don’t let any other sort of views go their way.

I’m sick of this, I want every Leftist cause to NOT BE FUNDED by tax payer money, then perhaps tuition rates will drop.


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