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Fatal Flaw In Libeling Breitbart As A “Racist”, “Sexist”, “Anti-Semitic” Website

Posted by mah29001 on December 3, 2016

What the morons who are running Sleeping Giants are doing, they are simply going to websites from companies like Kellogg’s which then pops up on Breitbart or onto any other website.  In other words, it is a cache, an Internet advertising cache.  Which means the Leftists whom are pathetically running Sleeping Giants owe Breitbart an apology or they should face their time in court.

I could end up saying the same thing about let’s say Amazon.  I often shop at Amazon, but Amazon ads appear on Breitbart?  Do they support it?  No, they just so HAPPEN to follow me to whatever website I go onto, no matter what the content.  The stupid Leftists at Sleeping Giants fail to realize that’s what’s going on with Breitbart.

When you go onto another website after you visit let’s say Target or whatever, that website follows you because of a cache Internet cookies.  Shame that these Leftists are in a desperate mood to smear Breitbart.

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