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Cyber-Fascism: Leftist Group Sleeping Giants Taking Responsibility For Taking Down Companies Affiliated With Brietbart

Posted by mah29001 on December 3, 2016

How pathetic, these cyber-Fascists which is what the social justice warrior groupies have evolved into, don’t want to see any website opposing their view point up and running. Their Facebook and Twitter pages have shown their utter pathetic libelous ignorance.

Here are their pathetic claims about Brietbart:

  • Claim Brietbart is “anti-Semitic”, how?
  • Claim Brietbart is “sexist”, how?
  • Claim Brietbart is “racist” for what reason?  Disagreeing with Black Criminal Liars Matters?  Obama?
  • They pathetically put up photos of Leftists with signs saying Trump is “Not My President”.

The real agenda from a Leftist group like Sleeping Giants is to smear anyone affiliated with Trump as a “racist”, “sexist” and an “anti-Semite”, as if these pathetic Leftists cared about the Jews when they care more about Muslims murdering Jews.


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