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No More Anti-Trump “Protests”

Posted by mah29001 on November 16, 2016

I’m fed up, I don’t give a damn what the Left claims anymore.  They’re liars, they’re hypocrites, they disrupt daily life.  The 1st Amendment does not give you the right to block freeways or the street or vandalize businesses.  The Left and the media that are siding with them are making the excuses.

They’re going to definitely kill innocent people in the process of trying to remove President Trump from office and they admit they don’t care if lives should be taken.  I’m sick of it, I’m done with it, I’m threw with it, I want law and order restored.  These brats don’t deserve a say in our process at all.  They’re spoiled rotten brats to the core who can never grow up.

Constitution that they claim is on their side?  While they’re the ones who backed a Crooked candidate who wanted to use the executive order to erase the 2nd Amendment?  Go fuck yourselves!

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