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Los Angeles Times Hates Its Own USC Poll About Trump

Posted by mah29001 on October 21, 2016

Oh they’re indeed behaving like the Cruzers of the Corn, but they’re the Flying Monkeys for #CrookedHillary the Wicked Witch of the West…of course they’ll poo, poo on their very own poll about Trump! Yes, he’s in a rock and a hard place right now…however….knowing how he operates he’ll likely do much better than expected with #CrookedHillary, her backers and supporters believe she should win right off the back.

But instead of waiting for an actual vote, they end up admitting they need to skew a poll to do so…THEIR POLL!  Even with accurate data showing Trump ahead by one point!  And going upward….they’d rather much have a poll similar like their comrades in the New York Times, so blatantly biasely one-sided.  A 92 percent chance of victory is way too much, providing her over 300 electoral votes without a proper vote counted is way too much.

Now if their polls end up being in correct and he somehow does win, then they should be blamed for lying and skewing the polls.

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