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Trump Or #CrookedHillary Better Watch Out For The Obamas

Posted by mah29001 on October 20, 2016

Uh, I don’t want to side with #CrookedHillary, but in this case I might because I would always consider the Obamas to be much, much worse than Trump or Hillary put together.  These two (Barack and Michelle) are just like cockroaches that just don’t want to go away any time soon.

Michelle is plotting to run for senate in Illinois and she may likely win through massive voter fraud just like her husband did when he first ran for state senate and also for the senate on the Federal level.  If Trump pulls a Brexit and wins, he’s going to have to watch out for Michelle and her husband, they’re going to instigate riots against his administration…if it’s #CrookedHillary, watch for her health to decline, the Obamas will smell blood and go after her, she may not even serve one full term or even if she’s trying to seek a second term they may plot to stop that from happening.

Wonder why Barack’s brother Malik is voting for Trump, cause the most honest statement he’s ever made was to state his brother Barry loves scheming…and this is one of the grandest schemes of the 21st Century…steal an entire generation of Americans, dumb them down, then steal their hard earn money TWICE!


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