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Trump Is Down But He Isn’t Entirely Out Just Yet…

Posted by mah29001 on October 14, 2016

…at least not before a vote on November 8th.  The Left and #CrookedHillary are indeed desperate to depict the narrative about Trump and his affairs.  Now, I understand he’s not perfect, neither was Bill but the public loved him which is so hypocritical at this moment.

The Left feel they can cheat, they can lie and steal this election and our country’s future away.  They make up narratives that don’t make that much sense as they go along with it.  I’m downright sick of it, I hate it, I hate them, I am not interested in seeing them to be that much of a success should Hillary win.

Now by chance should Trump somehow win, he’d face a massive amount of opposition, it would be like the 2000 election all over again once Bush won over Al Gore only much worse and more dire issues coming arise.  ISIS, race riots instigated by Obama’s Chicago style mob “community organizing” skills and so forth….

…but should Trump not win…your resident blogger will go back supporting Ayn Rand’s Objectivism and Fredrich Nietzche’s Nihilism….I’m done with this collectivistic bull crap that we’re being fed down.  It is crap on steroids and the flies who land on Obama and Hillary know it that something bad is coming this way.  To the extent on the damage it will do is not known…World War III, “refugee” ISIS terrorists….civil war?  Who knows….

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