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#LyingRyan Does Not Deserve My Vote If He’s Running In 2020

Posted by mah29001 on October 11, 2016

The establishment can fucking forget about it, if he’s going to be the favorite to possibly win if #CrookedHillary wins against Trump because of this last minute dash over a stupid decade year old tape of mean stuff Trump said about women.  #LyingRyan is a coward, he and the other Never Trump Republicans, if they’re running for office in 2020, I will not vote for anyone of them.

I don’t give a shit if it’s a woman candidate, if she’s a Never Trumper, she doesn’t get my vote at all.  I will vote third party for all I care, the only way we can free ourselves from this “Progressive” grip is as if their “Dear Leader” Barack Hussein Obama has a short-lived opposition life after President and croaks like a frog…same with Hillary….

…but what are the chances of that of happening anytime soon?  Yes that sounds over the top even more than what Trump said or ever will say…but I’ve had it with this pathetic “Progressive” rule.  Sometimes you wish you can just punch your way through this….though it’d take more punches and weapons in terms of a civil war….I hope it won’t come down to it….but….the “Progressive” leaders and their enablers like #LyingRyan need to be cursed, and the curse will only be lifted when We the People will rule.


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