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The Two Americas: United States Of America Versus United States of Snowflakes

Posted by mah29001 on October 9, 2016

There are indeed two very real Americas…there is the United States of America, the America that wants to be whole again and patriotic and then there’s the cowardly America, known as the United States of Snowflakes.  The Snowflakes don’t want to wait until there are facts out of any given police shooting, especially if it deals with race or they insert race where there is no race factor.

These are the same Snowflakes whom are upset with comments from a Presidential candidate who said them ten years ago when it wasn’t relevant at all versus someone like #CrookedHillary who will bring back Bill Clinton into the White House whom has done those very things.  The United States of Snowflakes wants to grow stronger than the United States of America.  They want a politically correct atmosphere, they want police to have no guns, they want law biding citizens to have no guns.

They want us to pander to criminals and other scum of society because they feel we must give them benefits in the form of welfare even when they go around and abuse it back toward us again.  They are also welcoming to invite others around the world not vetted like our parents were if our parents were recent immigrants to this country.  The Snowflakes like to confuse the terms of legal and illegal if it’s attached to the word immigrant, and they also like to pander to other worthless causes like gender neutral, but they say they’re so much in favor for science but only when it supposedly comes to global warming.

The Snowflake side claims to be strong, even while they’ve been poking the sleeping giant known as the Silent Majority, being the United States of America, the real America.  What happens if they go out of their way and manage to have Hillary win because she needs their votes?  They didn’t like her eight years ago when she was fighting their then “Messiah” Barack Hussein Obama, a secret Muslim and Communist willing to bring about the downfall of the United States of America.

They must be defeated, if they do the unthinkable, pray we don’t fall into a civil war because that’s what’d happen if they’d get their way next month.


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