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I Foresee No Other Alternatives If Trump Were To Lose

Posted by mah29001 on October 8, 2016

There’s a loud, obnoxious segment of “Conservatives” whom are prepping to give Hillary a possible win this election, next month.  How dumb are these people?  To realize about her “legacy”?  Are they going to give away our freedoms to a globalist entity of unelected officials being the United Nations or something much worse to come?

Do they realize they are pandering to the Democratic Party which has been hiring mobs of unruly Leftists willing to murder their opponents?  What if they became the targets?  Then what?  What if moderate Democrats became the targets of these mobs along with moderate Republicans?

These are Fascists, what the Fascists practiced in the 1930’s.  They’d beat up their opposition, then accuse their opposition of always being at fault.  Now these “Conservatives” that are willing to cast their ballot for Hillary next month.  Do they realize they’ll become their next targets if they think we still have a free and fair society?

Do they realize that while they ridicule Trump and Trumpism as the “greatest threat”, they ignore Hillary?

How could they ever be consistent in claiming they’re against Trump’s past dealings then actually vote for a Clinton?  It makes no sense.  And it makes me mad, and bothers me.

People like me will begin to think we should NOT be a democracy or a republic, we must wage a Crusade on the Home Front to bring about order from this lawlessness behavior.  Just today, a murder suspect’s mother wailed about why police shot her son ignoring any reports likewise that’s been the motto of Black Criminal Liars Matter, to lie about police reports and ignore about the facts.

They let Hillary win, and she causes more problems, I will join a Crusade against her and against them.  They are the enemies of freedom, they cannot be respected anymore.  Their downfall will happen, with or without Trump as President.


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