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Why Khizr Khan And The Press Could Be Sued For Libel

Posted by mah29001 on August 17, 2016

For such hypocrisy of Khan himself being paid 375,000 dollars for a pay to play scheme, and the press embracing and attacking members of the Benghazi families who survived the attack.  For these as*holes to continue to come out like this, they should watch what they say in the public.

They behave more like a mafia, criticizing anyone who criticizes Clinton plant Khizr Khan who was paid to speak out.  The manner which he came out dishonors his son’s death, now I’m sure if they were a Benghazi family these same hypocrites in the media wouldn’t dare be coming out like this.  Condemning someone like Hillary Clinton for attacking military families or anyone of her supporters.

For those of you who embrace this nonsense, shame on fucking you!  It’s going to remind me of all those times under George W. Bush that the Left promoted someone who claimed to have been from a military family claiming Dubya killed their kid even though it was their choice into going to war under Dubya’s policies which also Hillary Clinton voted for!

You sniveling cowards in the media, if you’re reading this, I spit on you, you all deserve an early grave.

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