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Leftist Billionaire’s Group Hacked; Kremlin’s Revenge For The “Color Revolutions” In The “Former” Soviet Republics

Posted by mah29001 on August 15, 2016

Think about the obvious motive to why Gufficer 2.0 is hacking George Soros of all people.  The Kremlin wants revenge for Soros backing “democracy” causes in the “former” Soviet Republics, where former President George W. Bush was a firm supporter and proponent of their cause and likewise Obama continues the trend with the “Arab Spring” and even Black Lies Matters here at home along with Occupy Wall Street.

The Kremlin indeed wants some payback, they HATED what Soros did to the Soviet Republics he was involved with, so therefore they likely hired a hacker to leak his documents and other assorted information to the public to undermine him right during an election where he happens to be supporting Hillary Clinton out of all the other candidates in the race.

Gufficer 2.0 is revenge against the West for supporting “democracy” movements against the Kremlin…indeed karma has ways in coming back…why else would the Russians embrace Trump pushing out the Bush loyalists most of them from the Republican Party?  Let alone having the Democrats scramble to get a hold of on their security?  Along with European countries leaving the European Union?  Almost like the Russians now have their own “Color Revolutions” so that they can mock the West’s incompetence for…

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