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The Left’s Newest Hashtag Doesn’t Make Sense In Targeting #AllLivesMatters

Posted by mah29001 on July 14, 2016

It’s #AllLivesDidntMatter is their latest gig to defend Black Lies Matter. Yea, #AllLivesDidntMatter when Black Lies Matters did the following deeds:

  • Murder police officers.
  • Instigate nation wide riots.
  • Create a hostile atmosphere on college campuses with “safe spaces”.
  • Embrace a President who left Americans dead in Benghazi and who supports white privilege Hillary Clinton as his successor.
  • Don’t protest black on black violence.
  • Embrace Communism as the alternative system to American Capitalism.
  • Side with hate groups like New Black Panthers Party and the Nation of Islam.
  • Embrace genocidal “Palestinians” even as they favor terrorism against Israel.

Yea, you idiots on the Left have some explaining to do about this counter hashtag…


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